Monday, 11 July, 2016

NEW YORK–(NEWSFEED)–ME2 Systems LLC, the makers of S-Docs for Salesforce has announced record revenues for Q2 2016. S-Docs, the only native document generator available on the Salesforce platform, saw unprecedented growth in Q2 2016 capped with a 308% increase in new business bookings in the final month. S-Docs continued to be among the most downloaded and installed apps ranking in the top 1% of all apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange. The company’s ability to win record levels of new business was driven by high demand for document automation software and mounting pressure by client’s internal IT Security Departments to choose Salesforce on-platform solutions rather than integrating with external systems. S-Docs is the only document generator built entirely on the platform, which means it does not rely on third party servers and therefore customer data never leaves the Salesforce Cloud.

“Customers recognize that we not only have an amazing product today in terms of features and security, but that we are best positioned for the future,” said ME2 Systems LLC Chief Executive Mr. Pejanovic. “As Salesforce introduces new products like Salesforce Shield, Process Builder, Salesforce1, Communities, Chatter and evolves into new realms like Artificial Intelligence, everyone else is scrambling to integrate. We don’t have to because we are already part of the platform. When potential customers then discover we are 50% less expensive because they don’t have to pay twice for infrastructure – it puts us in a very favorable position to win their business.”

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About ME2 Systems LLC
ME2 Systems LLC is the developer of S-Docs for Salesforce. Since 2010, S-Docs has provided thousands of businesses a quick way to generate sophisticated documents such as quotes, invoices, contracts, emails and reports directly from Salesforce. It has improved efficiencies by eliminating error-prone and tedious tasks of cutting-and-pasting data from Salesforce.
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