Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

With team members flying in from New York, San Francisco, Boston and Tel Aviv, the quarterly S-Docs Town Hall kicked off last Monday at our Innovation Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Representatives from every department presented on exciting updates that have been developing this quarter and exemplified the innovative mindset that we pride ourselves on. The three-day event was a great look into the team’s cohesiveness at home and abroad, and how it benefits both our internal operations and our clients.

CEO Dan Pejanovic set the Town Hall in motion with a presentation on our core values and how they direct the innovation of our product.

“Everything revolves around trust,” said Dan. “We trust our team, our brand, and our product. In short, S-Docs is the trusted partner to help you solve your business problems.”

Led by Dan, a former Salesforce Director and Technical Architect, S-Docs has maintained the trust of our clients since 2010. Since it’s a native Salesforce app, the data used to generate documents with S-Docs never leaves the Salesforce cloud, making it the most secure solution for document generation on the market.

Our commitment to trust and security that our customers need doesn’t stop at S-Docs. Senior Salesforce Developer Zachary Clark took the stage next to unveil S-Sign 2.0, a major update to our e-signature solution that will be released at the end of the month. New developments include the implementation of hash verification, which allows users to upload S-Sign documents to our website to verify their legitimacy, and a newly secured audit trail for each document. Other new improvements include expiration/reminder notifications, multi-language support, and the adopt-a-signature feature.

“Customers define the development of our product,” said Zachary.

Director of Sales Matt Fabian emphasized our customer orientation and how it drives new business. By prioritizing personalized PoC demonstrations that show our clients how S-Docs can best benefit them, we’ve been able to welcome some exciting new customers like American Red Cross and Intel, as well as several large healthcare organizations that trust us to generate sensitive documents for medical clients. We’ve also continued to expand internationally, welcoming clients like French energy company Dalkia, and Albert Heijn, the largest Dutch supermarket chain.

Marketing Director Libby Lienhoop presented on the strategy behind connecting with customers and engaging with prospective users, and how this strategy helps us achieve our trusted status. Last year, we completely revamped our website and launched our new blog. More recently, we’ve been expanding our social media presence and publishing informative pieces to spread the word about the power of document generation. And we’re not just online--last month we travelled to London to meet with clients at the Salesforce World Tour, and this November make sure to look out for us at Dreamforce 2019 happening in San Francisco, Salesforce’s HQ city! Our goal is to raise awareness so that we can continue to provide 5-star service and intuitive, secure solutions to clients that need them.

The Town Hall closed in high spirits on Wednesday with a look into the past as well as the future. S-Docs began as just a few people with a vision and has since expanded into a robust company whose team members stretch across the globe. As we continue to bring in excellent new talent, we can’t wait for what developments next quarter will bring.

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