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Remember that iconic line from 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross? 

“ABC: Always be closing.” 

Well, if you’re in a sales role, you know the pressure of closing deals and that there can be setbacks at just about every stage in the process. Fortunately, technology has advanced from the old-school “smile and dial” process with the creation of sales automation tools — enabling sales professionals’ to accomplish tasks more efficiently.   

Put simply — the right tools will help you with the ABCs (always be closing) of sales. 

But even with the plethora of sales tools available, some deals can still get stuck in the pipeline. There is, however, one sales technology out there that Salesforce pros use to drive deals to a faster close —- a document generation app. 

First step: Get a document generation app if you don’t already have one added to Salesforce.

Next step, put it to use with these five tips for using a document generator to close deals faster:

Ensure Proposals Are Delivered to the Right Hands Without Delay

Have you ever accidentally delayed sending a proposal because a hundred different things popped up right after you got off the phone with a client? Use a document generation app to set up a process that sends out proposals based off a status change in Salesforce – this will ensure your proposals reach the right hands quickly without having to go back and manually attach files in an email.

Auto-create Sales Quotes Instantly

You know that feeling of excitement when you get off the phone with a prospect who’s ready to buy, only to have it fizzle out quickly because the next thing you have to do is manually customize a proposal for them? From inputting the name, product descriptions and not to mention double checking the price quote, it can take a while. Use a document generation solution to auto-populate the data you need with the click of a button. 

Maintain Brand Consistency Across Sales Documents

Don’t make the mistake of sending over a proposal with an outdated logo or inconsistent branding —- it looks unprofessional. Maintain your brand across all sales documents using a document generation app to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when closing a deal. 

Automate Status Updates in Salesforce

From time to time, deals remain stuck in the wrong status because someone simply forgot to move them to the next deal stage. Use your document generation app to automatically update the opportunity stage  when a specific document is sent out. For example, when you generate a final contract for signature the app can automatically update the opportunity stage to “Pending Signature.” 

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Impress Clients With Quicker Turnarounds

It’s a competitive world out there and when it comes to winning business, how fast you move deals along can make all the difference. Use your document generation app to unlock maximum efficiency , and cut  down the time between initial contact and a closed business. 

By following the above tips, deals are sure to close faster. Don’t have a document generation app in your wheelhouse yet? Try out S-Docs, the only 100% native document generation app that can do all of this and so much more. Let us know if you’re interested in a customized demo to see it in action. 

Happy selling!

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