In the current age of technology, there seems to be an app for everything. Even though the world as we know it is full of gadgets and devices, inventing ways to do things more productively remains a part of our nature. As humans, we continually look for an answer to this question: how to increase productivity? How to get things done more efficiently while spending less time?

Enter automation.

Automation improves our everyday routines more than we realize, from inventions like preset coffee makers to DVRing our favorite shows so we can watch them when it’s convenient, the connection that automation has to our productivity is undeniable. The two are tied. When it comes to Salesforce, automation and productivity are linked as well.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself the question periodically while uploading sales contracts or sending proposals, or maybe you’ve even Googled ‘how to increase productivity’ while working in Salesforce. One of the top sales hacks to getting more done in Salesforce comes in the form of document automation.

The case for document automation

So why invest in a document automation software for Salesforce? For productivity's sake, of course. Document automation saves time and money, simply put. This labor-saving software reduces human errors and keeps your sales team out in the field, rather than getting bogged down in paperwork.

When dealing with customer data, security should be a priority. Document automation software was built with security in mind, ensuring that customer data never leaves the Salesforce environment and remains confided. Almost as important, brand continuity is upheld, and compliance with data security protocols and regulations keeps conversations moving without any interference.

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Where to start

Starting any large project can be daunting. Salesforce automation is no different, but can be broken into a few more digestible stages:

Analyze workflows: Often the answer to the question ‘how to increase productivity’ lies in identifying areas for more optimization. For example, are your sales representatives still copying and pasting? How much time are they spending putting together a quote or contract? These workflows are the first place to start when looking for areas to increase productivity.

Compile data and pool the team: The next step in the process means gathering the team together and getting their buy-in on how to improve workflows. Seeing the big picture and communicating how document automation will cut task time significantly is crucial here. Be specific with your team and get their feedback on what they think could be improved.

Weigh your options: Identify what document automation apps exist to solve each of the workflows you wish to improve. Whether it be sending quotes automatically or generating reports when a new customer upgrades their package, do your research. There are plenty of resources to aid you in the evaluation process, like the AppExchange or educational blog posts such as this.

Reach out to vendors: Once you’ve identified the automation tool that’s right for your team, get in touch with the software company over phone or email. Establish a point of contact which will provide with a sample template and workflow you would like to automate.

Understand their support and services: Every company operates a little differently when it comes to support and customer service. Make sure that you understand the ongoing support and customer service options for the automation software you invest in. A great place to verify the level of support you can expect is by reading the company’s reviews. Reviews indicate the level of support you can expect from their software. For example, S-Docs is the only 100% native Salesforce document generation software on the market and has a wide array of reviews about the support and high level of customer service they provide.

Productivity mastered

There’s no secret formula for how to increase productivity within your team, no matter how much we wish there was. Luckily, tools exist to help you make improvements. The final step in this above equation is to simply implement automation in Salesforce so you can start reaping the benefits of enhanced productivity and peace of mind.

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