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If you’ve been to the doctor recently, you’ve likely noticed some new technology. Paperwork that used to be filled out on a clipboard has been replaced by digital forms via email that can be completed beforehand. In some cases, your doctor speaks to you virtually on a screen, rather than in person. Your prescription can be ordered and filled before you’ve even left the office. Healthcare is changing and many organizations are looking for innovative technology to help make their teams more productive.

Salesforce, the number one ranked customer relationship management software, is often working behind the scenes to help healthcare businesses integrate, store and process patient data all while keeping it secure. If you’re familiar with Salesforce then you’ve most likely shopped the AppExchange, a marketplace of cloud-computing solutions available to Salesforce users.

With thousands of apps available, it can be difficult for a healthcare organization to know which would make their team the most productive. Our answer? Native apps.

Native apps are built 100% within the Salesforce infrastructure. This means that data does not leave the cloud. So what are the unique features native apps offer that are transforming the healthcare industry and making teams more productive?

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Increased Security: Keeping patient data secure is a top priority for healthcare businesses. Because native apps are built directly on the Salesforce platform, all patient data remains within Salesforce and is never stored or processed on external servers. This is not the case with non-native applications. Healthcare teams benefit from native apps because they conform to the security settings already established within Salesforce.

Consistent Reliability: In the healthcare industry, having reliable software applications is key to productivity. Because native apps reside 100% within Salesforce, they update when Salesforce updates. Consistency is maintained with any new releases Salesforce pushes and native apps automatically work with any recent updates. This is a game changer for healthcare organizations that count on their technology to communicate patient data at all times risk software not being up to date.

Reduce Costs: The rising cost of healthcare is a hot topic these days and many healthcare organizations are looking for ways to save. One solution is choosing a native app on the AppExchange because native apps leverage your existing Salesforce licenses and offer cost savings in an increasingly expensive industry.

Streamline Business: Communicating between teams relies on well-tuned processes and software that moves quickly and efficiently. Healthcare organizations have transformed the way they transfer data from team to team with native apps and eliminated the frustration of inefficient workflows.

For healthcare organizations, there are plenty of options to choose from on the AppExchange. When searching for a native app, it’s important to note that some apps claim to be native, but just offer a native user experience. Make sure you can recognize the distinction. 100% native apps are built on the platform. Be sure to thoroughly research the app you’re considering beforehand so you know it’s 100% native.

As healthcare continues to change, introducing new technologies to maximize productivity can ensure your business stays on the front end of innovation. And native apps are a quick and simple solution that can help any team reach new levels of productivity with Salesforce.

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