If you’ve ever tried to enact change at work, you know it can be an arduous process. Something as simple as coming up with a better system for handling the dishes piling up in the kitchen can feel like it takes months to implement. And when it comes to more involved processes like getting approval on new software, it can seem as if the list of steps and approvals never ends.

With over 3,000 apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, there are countless software options that integrate with the popular CRM platform. However, many of these apps and their integration with Salesforce often triggers a series of protocols for security and procurement teams. For example, even though all industries know data security is important, Financial Services is unique in that the data they specialize in is held to an even higher standard. Data like personally identifiable information (PII), finances, credit and loan details, and underwriting, all require extremely high standards and regulatory compliance for data security. In their world, one of their top priorities, often above all else, is to keep data secure and ensure all software purchases comply with corporate and government regulations.

To ensure compliance, they've developed thorough processes for approvals that validate all software purchases. Typically speaking, new software must go through an in-depth security review with security officers. Once a need has been identified and a software recommendation has been made, getting budget approval and department buy-ins takes a lot of time and energy. Routine procurement negotiations on top of security reviews slow down the time-to-value for software purchases and can be frustrating for other teams involved. The software buyers want to get things up and running as soon as possible, and the software sales reps only see the benefits of their labor when contracts get signed.

The Loophole

Although every security and procurement process varies from company to company, getting approval on new software is generally fairly tedious. However, there’s always a loophole. If you’re already using Salesforce, a workaround exists for getting approval on new software from the AppExchange — it comes in the form of a native app. Software that’s native to Salesforce software, which has already been approved, could be music to your security and procurement teams’ ears.

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Because native apps are built on the Salesforce platform, nothing leaves the Salesforce cloud and data remains secure, eliminating the need to run additional in-depth security reviews. For example, with a Native document generation app like S-Docs, the security and procurement processes that were previously completed to purchase Salesforce will likely cover the additional purchase of S-Docs.

Document Generation software handles some of the most sensitive data points and therefore should be subject to the same tedious approval and procurement processes as all other software. Fortunately, when it’s native to Salesforce, these steps aren’t always necessary. With an app like S-Docs, your Financial Services organization can say goodbye to the cumbersome process of getting approval on new software and work with fully integrated Salesforce technology that your security and procurement teams will thank you for.

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