Release Notes

October 2019

S-Docs 4.34

Major Updates:

  • Runtime Prompts Writing Back to Salesforce
    • Using S-Docs Runtime prompts? Now you can write the responses logged from those Runtime prompts back to Salesforce. 
      • For example, let’s say you’re generating a contract that changes T&Cs depending on the recipient's state. A Runtime prompt will prompt the user with the question “What state is this T&Cs clause for?” and the user adds their response “California.” This enhanced function will enable that data to be written back to Salesforce.
        • Pro Tip: You can now save those responses and pre-populate them as needed for the next time you generate the document you’re working with. 
  • Box Integration 
    • S-Docs is now fully compatible with Box, a cloud document management and file sharing service. Our integration enables users to automatically store generated documents to their Box account. 
  • Even Faster Processing
    • Our product teams are constantly hard at work to ensure you always get your documents as fast as possible. New optimizations allow up to 10x faster generation for particularly complex files. 

Minor Updates:

  • Support was added for using Runtime Prompts merge fields in the Document Name field
  • Support was added for merge field attribute nullsub, which will insert a specified value in the event that a merge field returns a null value
    • Example - If you use {{!Opportunity.Quantity nullsub="0"}}, 0 will appear in the place of the merge field if the Quantity field is null
  • Adds field "Email Params" to the S-Docs Job object to accommodate various advanced parameters
    • Usage: you can use this field to add advanced parameters that are not available to access through standard fields on the S-Docs Jobs object. For example: &useExistingNoContactRecord=true&
  • Support was added for RENDER in the <groupbyheader> tag
    • Example: <groupbyheader position="after-group">Product Name,Product Description,[!--RENDER={{!Opportunity.Name}} CONTAINS 'Burlington'--]Qty[!--ENDRENDER--],Unit Price,Total Price</groupbyheader>
  • Support was added for parameters &attParentId2FilterAtt= and &attParentId2FilterFile= which will add filters to the queries on Attachments and Files whose parent record is specified by &attParentId2=
    • Example: &attParentId2=0066A000002ioH6&attParentId2FilterFile=ContentDocument.FileType=%27PDF%27%20AND%20ContentDocument.Title!=%27Contract%27


  • Support was added for leveraging the queryname feature in XLSX documents
  • Support was added for [{{!Opportunity.Quantity NUMBER}}] in XLSX documents
    • Use [{{!Opportunity.Quantity}}] to tell Excel to interpret the merge field as plain text, and [{{!Opportunity.Quantity NUMBER}}] to tell Excel to interpret the merge field as a numeric value
    • NUMBER must come at the end of the merge field, e.g. [{{!Opportunity.Quantity nullsub="0" NUMBER}}], rather than [{{!Opportunity.Quantity NUMBER nullsub="0"}}]

Related List Column Attributes

  • Support was added for related list <column ...> attribute "showcolumn" allowing you to conditionally hide a column, and <column render…> to conditionally show individual cells from a column
  • Support was added for related list column attribute replaceall, which supports regexs
    • Standard Syntax: <column replaceall="replaceThis1,replaceWithThis1,replaceThis2,replaceWithThis2,...replaceThisN,replaceWithThisN">
    • Regex Syntax: <column replaceall="[regex]([a-zA-Z]\)),&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;$1">
    • This feature is very similar to the column substitute feature, with the following two exceptions:
      • Substitute matches against (and replaces) the ENTIRE string, whereas replaceall matches against (and replaces) all substring appearances of the specified string. Therefore, if the data value is "Burlington Textiles Corp", then replaceall="Burlington,My" would change the value to "My Textiles Corp".
      • There is no "else" condition in replaceall
  • Support was added for related list column attributes allprefix and allpostfix, which function the same as column attributes prefix and postfix except they are applied on null column values as well
    • This makes maintenance easier on templates that had columns with the same values for prefix and nullprefix

To read the full documentation on these advanced features click here.

Noteworthy Bug Fix

  • Fixes bug that temporarily broke <, <=, >, and >= operators in RENDER
    • RENDER would always evaluate to false even if the expression should've been true if any of these operators were used
    • This bug was only around for a brief period in versions 2.911-2.918

S-Sign 2.0

Major Updates:

  • Signing and Sending Multiple Documents
    • New updates have improved the overall signer experience. New signers are now brought directly to the signature page when opening an envelope and are able to see how many pending documents require signature. 
    • The sender experience has also been improved. You can now bundle multiple documents together and send them as one request. In addition, you can see the status and signer queue on the envelope. 
      • For example: Signer 2 of 5 Signed, or Signer 3 of 5 Rejected
  • Adopt-a-Signature 
    • Now signers can choose to customize their signature with different cursive font options. Once selected, the adopted signature can be populated throughout the remaining inputs of the document.  
  • Expiration & Reminder Alerts
    • Reminding signers that their signature is pending is easier than ever. Just update the S-Sign envelope with a reminder alert set for a customized timeframe and an email alert will be sent from S-Sign on your behalf. 
    • Sending out an end of quarter contract? Now you can set an expiration so the S-Sign link expires on your specified date if the signer hasn’t executed as expected. 
  • Sleek new design added to the S-Sign audit trail and enhanced user experience throughout

Minor Updates:

  • Adds field "Active Signer" to S-Sign Envelope object. This field displays the profile name of the person who is currently being waited on to sign the request
  • Improves UI/UX of required input field types by placing red text saying "Required" next to required inputs that have not been provided.
    • Adds better messaging for the remaining input fields that require user attention before submitting the document
  • Support was added for using a custom logo on the S-Sign Verification splash screen
  • Support was added for using org-wide email addresses as the From Email Address in S-Sign requests sent via S-Docs Jobs