October '23 Generally Available Release

The October ‘23 Generally Available S-Docs Release introduces a range of improvements to enhance the document creation and generation experience. This release aims to empower users with new capabilities and features, further aligning S-Docs with the evolving demands of document management within Salesforce.

S-Docs Updates

Allow Experience Cloud Users to Use Lightning Web Components

A new permission set is now available for Experience Cloud users, enabling them to use S-Docs Lightning Web Components (LWCs) seamlessly. This makes it easier for Experience Cloud users to generate documents while maintaining secure access.

Add Email Attachments via Lightning Web Components

Support was added for adding additional attachments from Salesforce directly to your emails prepared through LWCs, streamlining your document distribution process and ensuring that all relevant files are attached to your outgoing emails.

Select Templates More Seamlessly in Lightning Web Components

The template selection LWC has a new design that is more user-friendly and intuitive, making it easier for users to pick the right template for document generation.

Allow Experience Cloud Users To Email via Lighting Web Components

Experience Cloud users can now leverage S-Docs email capabilities through the LWC library. This enhancement extends document generation and email functionality to Experience Cloud users, improving the ability to reach and engage with a broader audience.

Use Special Merge Fields In The Lightning Web Component Email Module

Support was added for using special merge fields in emails sent from S-Docs LWCs to merge data about the document or generating user.

Make On The Fly Edits More Easily in Lightning Web Components

The Live Edit LWC editor was updated to provide a more universal and robust set of document editing capabilities, matching the user experience of the S-Docs template editor.

Control Lighting Web Component Feature Access

Fine-tune the actions and interactions end users have after generating documents, providing greater control over their experience and securing workflows. Support was added to enable or disable end-user access to Refresh Data, Delete, and View Version History for documents generated and displayed in the Documents LWC.

Gain More Flexibility When Displaying Related List Records via Components

Support was added for using <splitevery> for users leveraging Method 2 when merging related list records via components, offering more flexibility in component management and more options for structuring documents.