Configure the S-Docs LWC for Document Generation


Harness the power of the S-Docs Lightning Web Component (LWC) library and revolutionize document generation within Salesforce, empowering admins and users to streamline workflows and enhance end-user experience.

This LWC enables Salesforce administrators to configure S-Docs document generation natively on any lightning experience record page.

You are ready to configure when:

  1. You know how to navigate to and customize a lightning record page using the Lightning App Builder.
  2. You have authored templates for the record type you are customizing.

Configure the Component

Step 1: Navigate to Lightning App Builder for a Record Page

Navigate to the Lightning App Builder for the record page type you want to configure the Generate Documents LWC on.

Step 2: Drag and Drop the “Generate Documents (S-Docs)” LWC onto the page

Place the LWC on the page to open the LWC configuration panel.

Step 3: Configure your LWC

Configure your LWC by choosing your title, templates, and how you want to give feedback to your user.

  • Title: Header title of the LWC your user will see.
  • Configure either:
    • Template IDs or Names: A list of template IDs or names
    • Template Name: A single template
  • Notify User - A notification will display to the user when each document completes generation.
  • Open Preview - A preview will open of the document when each document completes generation.

Step 4: Configure visibility (Optional)

You can conditionally show this LWC by configuring the Component Visibility. This gives the admin the capability to show when to generate a document based on the context of the current record.

Step 5: Save your Configuration

Once complete, save your configuration. You can see the Generate Documents LWC in your lightning page!

Beginning with the April '24 Release, S-Doc Lightning Web Components offer additional support for legacy document generation methods via the S-Docs button and SDJobs.


  • Templates must be configured to create Files (attachments not supported for display in the LWCs)
  • Limited support for post-generation functionality for file formats outside of PDF and PDF-Upload

Post-generation Document Actions

To bring up an email modal to send a document directly after generation, you will need to configure this on the generated documents LWC, "Documents (S-Docs)".

Other Considerations for the LWC

  • Only PDF and PDF-Upload template formats are supported at this time
  • The LWC does not support Runtime Prompts
  • Job Splitters are not compatible

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