Configure the S-Docs LWC for Listing Generated Documents


Harness the power of the S-Docs Lightning Web Component (LWC) library and revolutionize document generation within Salesforce, empowering admins and users to streamline workflows and enhance end-user experience.

This LWC provides a list of S-Docs documents that have been generated from a record. The component works well together with the generating document LWC, “Generate Documents (S-Docs)”, as they will communicate events between each other.

Beginning with the April '24 Release, S-Doc Lightning Web Components offer additional support for legacy document generation methods via the S-Docs button and SDJobs.


  • Templates must be configured to create Files (attachments not supported for display in the LWCs)
  • Limited support for post-generation functionality for file formats outside of PDF and PDF-Upload

You are ready to configure when:

  1. You know how to navigate to and customize a lightning record page using the Lightning App Builder.
  2. You have authored templates for the record type you are customizing.

Configure the Component

Step 1: Navigate to Lightning App Builder for a Record Page

Navigate to the Lightning App Builder for the record page type you want to configure the Generate Documents LWC on.

Step 2: Drag and Drop the “Documents (S-Docs)” LWC onto the page

Place the LWC on the page to open the LWC configuration panel.

Step 3: Configure your LWC

Configure your LWC by choosing your title, email templates, and how you want to give feedback to your user.

  • Title: Header title of the LWC your user will see.
  • Email Template: Name of email template that prefills the the email editor
    • Choosing “-- No Template --” will open the email editor nothing prefilled
  • Automatically Open Email Editor - When checked, opens the email editor after documents are generated.
    • Show Refresh: Enable/Disable the ability to refresh data in generated documents.
    • Show Delete: Enable/Disable the ability to delete generated documents.
    • Show Versions: Enable/Disable the ability to display document versions.Configure access to post-generation actions your user will need to complete their workflows:
Post-generation action access configuration is available starting with the October '23 release (v5.1.1)

Step 4: Save your Configuration

Once complete, save your configuration. You can see the Documents LWC in your lightning page!

Lightning Web Security

Before your Users begin working with the S-Docs Lightning Web Component for generated documents, enable Lightning Web Security to ensure proper performance.

Step 1: From the Setup menu, type "session" into the Quick Find bar, then click Session Settings. Scroll to the Lightning Web Security section and enable the option to "Use Lightning Web Security for Lightning web components and Aura components"

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

Other Considerations for the LWC

  • HTML templates cannot include a related list
  • Runtime Prompts on HTML templates are not supported
  • Job Splitters are not compatible
  • The Email modal will not close automatically without LWS enabled.
  • Users will not be able to save Inline Edits without enabling LWS before generation.

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