S-Docs for Healthcare

The Most Secure Document Automation & E-Signature Platform for Salesforce

HIPAA makes working with many cloud-based software providers challenging, and for some organizations a deal-breaker if there is too much risk faced. While many Healthcare companies want to move their data and document automation operations to the cloud, it’s difficult to find a solution that meets the needs of risk-averse IT organizations who must retain control of data.

S-Docs for Healthcare

The Solution

With S-Docs, your data remains on the (*already-approved*) Salesforce platform, so there’s no additional risk posed to your organization. We’ve built our solution with your security needs in mind.

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S-Docs for Healthcare

The Proof

S-Docs is the document automation solution-of-record for leading Healthcare companies around the globe. Some of the notable organizations who have chosen S-Docs include: Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Baxter, Intuitive Surgical and more.

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S-Docs for Healthcare

The Use Cases

Put your data to work for you on the S-Docs platform, and begin to enable your teams to quickly, easily and safely generate documents for a number of business purposes, including: Complex Medical Form Completion, Post-Visit Assessments, Patient Reports, Treatment Plans, Field Rep Case Logs, and more.