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S-Docs is the most secure document automation & e-signature solution for Salesforce, which makes it the optimal app for the healthcare & life sciences industry. It allows your team to spend less time on repetitive processes and more time with patients. Our platform is 100% native to Salesforce, which provides healthcare workers with a fast, easy, and secure way to generate any type of document they need.

The Problem with Paper Trails

While many healthcare organizations hope to migrate their data and document automation operations to the cloud, it’s difficult to identify a solution that meets the needs of risk-averse IT organizations who must ensure compliance with the most stringent data security regulation—in this case—HIPAA.

Clipboard paperwork is inefficient, messy, and difficult to track, while filing cabinets and folders lack the security needed to ensure the protection of personally identifiable information (PII). Optimizing digital workflow with S-Docs will provide your team with the tools they need to shift their focus from monotonous tasks to their valuable work.

Welcome to Your New Digital Clipboard

The solution to the inefficient analog systems currently used in the healthcare industry is improving document generation abilities and automated processes. S-Docs is a convenient and user-friendly answer to your paper trail problems. It’s the key to streamlining your cybersecurity and digital workflows. When using S-Docs, you’re able to:

  • Simplify the insurance claims process to reduce human error
  • Improve patient and resident onboarding experiences
  • Maintain HIPAA security compliance
  • Create and alter medical document templates
  • Manage document visibility
  • Automate agreements and simplify medical document signature process
  • Interact with users over their personal devices
  • Connect physicians with continued medical education

S-Docs Resources for Healthcare Organizations

S-Docs offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that will help your healthcare business run smoothly and efficiently.

Medical Document Generation

Enjoy clear, easy-to-use digital forms to improve your electronic organization capabilities. Patients can approve consent forms quickly and easily from their own devices. Say goodbye to paper, folders, and file cabinets and say hello to a secure, cloud-based document generation service that optimizes sharing information and obtaining approvals. Streamline the creation of healthcare document templates like:

  • Complex medical forms
  • Post-visit assessments
  • Patient reports
  • Treatment plans
  • Field representative case logs

Care Coordination

Our platform provides a better performing healthcare experience for members, plans, and payers by digitizing medical records, updating processes, improving transitional care, and simplifying discharges.

Staffing Management

Maintain and track your physician staffing rosters and credentials to remain on top of your team. S-Docs provides an intuitive employee experience so physicians and nurses can focus on their work instead of complicated paper trails.

Claims Processing

Processing insurance claims is a time-consuming process that can easily produce inconsistencies and errors. Increase the efficiency of your claims process by implementing a fully-electronic, pre-selected template that ensures compliance and makes it easy for your users. This automates the claims process to reduce the possibility of human error.

HIPAA Compliance Made Easy

S-Docs meets the federal compliance regulations of HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act—our process is safe, sustainable, and approved to use for your business. Improve healthcare document signing by using HIPAA-approved templates and receive approvals faster.

Safe, Secure, and Sustainable

Maintaining industry-leading cybersecurity is critical, so we focus on reducing risk and ensuring the safety of your sensitive information. S-Docs is 100% native to Salesforce, so your data never leaves the platform; it carries no additional risk. We are pre-approved with Salesforce Government and Health clouds, which removes the need for time-consuming security reviews & procurement meetings. Your security needs are paramount to us.

Trusted by Industry Giants

S-Docs is a viable solution for upgrading healthcare paper trails. Our improvements to patient experience, medical form generation, care coordination, staffing management, operation speed, and impressive security consistently make us the preferred automation and e-signature platform for the healthcare industry. S-Docs is trusted by leading healthcare organizations around the globe. Some of our healthcare partners include:

  • Merck
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Abbott
  • Bayer
  • Roche
  • And more
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Improving the Industry Standard

S-Docs is a versatile solution for the healthcare industry’s paperwork problem and inefficient workflow. Physicians and nurses can generate documents easily, safely, and quickly with just one click. Our service is cost-effective and intuitive as end-users can create and complete tasks in a flash.

Unrivaled Document Security

S-Docs is a powerful tool with robust functionality, and it comes with the added benefit of being 100% native to Salesforce. This results in automatic compliance with Salesforce’s most stringent security requirements, and incredible speed, since S-Docs doesn’t rely on external servers or platforms. As a native Salesforce app, it mirrors the look and feel of Salesforce, meaning it’s easier to learn, faster to implement, and more intuitive than other non-native apps. S-Docs will help provide your team with the tools they need to make document generation simple and secure. Get started using S-Docs for your healthcare business today.