Template Library

Supercharge S-Docs With These Customizable Templates


Account Summary

A comprehensive overview of an Account in your org.

Account Summary for Contact

A comprehensive overview of a contact's Account.

Opportunity Summary

A detailed overview of an opportunity in your pipeline.


A standard quote for teams in any industry.

Quote by Product Family

An organized quote grouped by product family.

Statement of Work

A detailed statement of work for any project manager.

Work Order Form

A simple work order that can be customized to suit your needs.

Pipeline Report

A custom list of your team's opportunities.

Customer Service

Boiler Inspection Follow-Up Letter

A follow-up letter that includes dynamic content rendering.

Welcome Letter

A simple letter perfect for welcoming new accounts.

Case Summary

A detailed summary of a service case, including chatter.

Customer Survey

Gather customer feedback easily with this customizable template.

Golf Invitation

A golf invitation template that can be used for any event.


Invoice – Simple

An elegant invoice that works with any industry.

Invoice – Group Product Family

An organized invoice grouped by product family.

Invoice – With Remittance

An organized invoice with a remittance section.

Business Check

Create a printable business check in seconds.

Account Summary

A comprehensive overview of an account in your org.

Human Resources

W9 Form

A standard W9 form with instructions included.

Mailing Labels - Contact

Create hundreds of printable mailing labels at once for the Contact object.

Mailing Labels - Account

Create hundreds of printable mailing labels at once for the Account object.


Performance Evaluation Form

A document perfect for quarterly or annual performance reviews.

Certificate – Donation

A thank-you certificate that can be used for any occasion.

Membership Card

A simple membership card with information from user or contact records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose S-Docs Templates?

As the pace of change increases, organizations simply can't afford to manually create vital documents anymore. Pre-made templates can save time, but building them out from scratch can also be tedious and error-prone if users are stuck copying and pasting information into them.

S-Docs templates allow you to get up and running immediately. When you download a document template created by one of our design experts, you have access to a fully functioning document that will merge in data directly from Salesforce at the click of a button. Our templates are ready to go from the start, but you can also customize them to fit any business requirement.

Since S-Docs is natively built on the Salesforce platform, S-Docs templates have a few key advantages:

  • Faster processing - generate documents in seconds
  • More secure - your data never leaves Salesforce
  • Easier to use - S-Docs mirrors the Salesforce UI
  • Better customization - design templates with the WYSIWYG or HTML source editor

S-Docs templates are the clear choice for organizations looking to stay agile and generate documents the smart way.

How Do I Download an S-Docs Template?

Before you download an S-Docs template, you need to install S-Docs into your Salesforce org. You can find S-Docs on the Salesforce AppExchange. For a complete installation and configuration guide, click here.

Once you have S-Docs installed, click here for instructions on downloading and using templates from the template library.

How Do I Customize My Template?

The S-Docs template editor allows you to create and customize document templates directly within Salesforce. The WYSIWYG mode allows you to build complex templates using point-and-click gestures. The source mode allows experienced users to leverage HTML and CSS to further customize your document's structure.

The template editor also makes it easy to select fields or related lists to automatically merge into your documents, insert conditional logic blocks, set email properties, and much more.

Click here for a basic introduction to the S-Docs template editor. If you'd like to explore a wide array of solutions, such as including dynamic images, SOQL queries, or conditionally rendered statements in your templates, you may refer to the Advanced Template Features article.

You can also visit our documentation homepage and search for specific information.