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S-Docs for Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Close the gap between lead to cash with pixel perfect documents. S-Docs is the only 100% native document generation and e-signature solution for Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

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Salesforce Revenue Cloud accelerates revenue growth across all your go-to-market channels. Now, S-Docs allows you to take control of your quoting and billing to close the final gap between lead to cash. No matter your delivery channel, generate and e-sign data-driven documents when you need them - and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Deliver Perfect Proposals & Quotes

While Salesforce CPQ simplifies configuring the right products and discounts, S-Docs brings it all together into data-driven proposals and quotes.

One-Click Execution

No matter how complex the business requirement, S-Docs puts you one click away from sophisticated documents.

Dynamic Content

Merge in terms and conditions or other content based on business rules like deal size, products, customer type, and much more. And automatically format currency or language based on your customers’ location.

Powerful Data

Generate quotes with thousands of line items pulled from any object in Salesforce, and format them your way.

Intelligent Billing & Invoices

Reduce your Day Sales Outstanding by adding S-Docs to your Salesforce Billing workflows. Manually or automatically generate intelligent invoices, send them for e-signature, and add revenue faster.

Flexible Invoicing

Create data-driven invoices with thousands of line items instantly, via clicks or automated triggers.

Batch Processing

Invoicing fit to your business. Schedule batches of invoices for thousands of records at once.

Secure E-Signatures

Request and collect e-signatures and other data, and track it all in Salesforce - 100% natively.

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Enhance Your Revenue Lifecycle

From lead to cash, the path toward higher recurring revenue is perfecting how you engage your customers at every step of the buyer’s journey. S-Docs for Salesforce Revenue Cloud ensures your quotes, proposals, and invoices are generated perfectly, and gets them sent and signed faster - so you don’t miss a beat.

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100% Native To Salesforce

S-Docs is a 100% native app built entirely on the Salesforce platform. That means it’s seamlessly integrated into the system that your teams depend on every day, allowing you to deliver documents faster through a platform you trust.

Secure Data

S-Docs operates entirely within Salesforce Revenue cloud. Your data is never sent for external processing, keeping you compliant.

Faster Processing

Since all processing occurs within the Salesforce cloud, S-Docs delivers your documents at a lightning fast pace so you can close deals faster.

Performance & Reliability

S-Docs leverages the power of Salesforce for superior performance. Generate thousands of data-driven documents per hour.

Ease of Use

S-Docs mirrors the look and feel of Salesforce, meaning you'll learn our system in no time and get up and running faster.

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S-Docs Is A Leader In Salesforce Document Generation & E-Signature

A Trusted Partner to Customers Around the Globe

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We've created simple templates and complex ones and it can handle anything we throw at it. We also love the fact that there is no dependence on external systems or applications - everything is done entirely within the Salesforce environment."

David LelandGlobal Salesforce Admin, Kadant

"The UI is simple and user friendly allowing even beginners to start creating templates immediately. Compared to other apps, S-Docs stands out because of its intuitive user interface, high performance and easy configuration."

Debin KuriakoseSr. IT Applications Specialist, Symantec

"I trialed many other solutions before coming back to my original selection of S-Docs for its ease of use, flexibility, and intuitive nature. The fact that [S-Docs] is totally native made my "governance" life so much easier internally."

Mark FardellaSr. Solutions Analyst -, Johnson Controls

"I 100% recommend this application over any other signature/document generators out there. They have a solution for everyone! Thank you S-Docs/S-Sign for being a true fit for any business."

Ryan PittmanVice President of Marketing, Fidelity Real Estate