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The Advantages of Native Salesforce Apps

S-Docs is one of the only 100% native document generation and e-signature solution for Salesforce, making it faster, more secure, and more reliable than its alternatives.

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100% Native: What Does it Mean?

Although many solutions market themselves as native to Salesforce, few are truly native apps. A 100% native application like S-Docs is built entirely on the Salesforce platform. S-Docs processes all of your data directly within Salesforce and never transfers it to external servers, making it considerably more secure than its non-native counterparts.

What Sets Native Apps Apart?

Built 100% on the Salesforce Platform

The codebase for native apps resides entirely within the Salesforce Lightning platform. They're made to enhance Salesforce exclusively.

Generate & store data on Salesforce servers

Native apps never require your data to leave Salesforce. Everything is generated, delivered and stored on Salesforce servers - taking the data security burden off your shoulders.

Zero reliance on external APIs

Native apps may extend the Salesforce API, but they don't require external APIs to interface with Salesforce. This allows you to free up your API call limits even further.

Why Does Native App Architecture Matter?


Native App Architecture and Design

Learn more about the architecture, design, and benefits of using native apps with the help of this datasheet. See how your organization can benefit from using a native solution like S-Docs.

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Benefits of Using Native Apps

Native Salesforce apps are consistently favored by industries around the globe because of a few key factors: speed, security, ease of use, and reliability.


Native applications don't have to transfer data between clouds or make API calls that cause latency. Since they're built on the Salesforce platform, they're able to work at a lightning fast pace.

Since all of your data is processed directly within Salesforce, S-Docs is able to generate documents and route them for e-signature at a rate that outpaces similar apps that rely on external servers. After just one click, S-Docs will compile and generate incredibly complex documents in seconds - so you can work more efficiently.

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Since native apps are built on the Salesforce platform, they're automatically compliant with Salesforce's stringent security measures. When you use native apps, your data isn't changing hands, and nobody but you can see or access it.

When you generate documents and e-signature requests with S-Docs, you can be sure your sensitive data isn't being transferred anywhere or shared with external third parties - it never leaves the Salesforce platform. You can count on S-Docs to integrate with your established security setup and sharing rules, too - and your IT security team can breath a sigh of relief.

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Ease of Use

Native apps mirror the look and feel of Salesforce, meaning you won't have to learn an entirely new user experience to get up and running. You'll see a return-on-investment for your native app much faster.

S-Docs was built with Salesforce users in mind, meaning that if you know Salesforce, you'll know S-Docs. Get to market faster and build sophisticated templates, generate documents and send e-signature requests using the same user interface you use every day.

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Native apps are hosted on Salesforce servers, meaning that when Salesforce is up and running, your native app is too. This makes them much more reliable than apps with external system dependencies.

S-Docs is up when Salesforce is up, so you can eliminate tedious, manual workflows without worrying about unexpected downtime. And because data processed by S-Docs is hosted on Salesforce servers, it complies with strict government data residency requirements.

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