Generating a Document from a Template

In this section, you will learn how to download a published template and proceed to generate documents.

Creating a document using a published template

  1. To start creating documents using a published template, navigate to the cards in the Companies section and choose the template you want to use from Available Templates:

You will see all the available templates for an object.
In this example, the object is Deals.

2. Click the Generate document from this template link.

S-Docs will open the template in the S-Docs environment:

You now have two options:

  • Download the template
  • Send document for e-signature

Let’s look at downloading the template. 

Downloading the template will make it available locally. You can then complete it and share it via email or other means.

 All generated documents are visible on the Company’s homepage under Activity. The document will also open in the HubSpot environment if you click the link. 

Note: S-Docs does not store any documents.
All documents are stored in the HubSpot database.

Now, let’s look at sending the document for e-signature




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