Using the Preview Mode

In this section, you will learn how to:

  • Use the preview mode.
  • Understand the Hubspot unique identifier number.

To preview your template, follow these instructions.

1. Click the eye icon to visualize your template.

Do not Publish your template before previewing it.

A generic preview will appear – this is just to check if the template is working as it should. Your confidential information for the company will not yet be visible.

2. Find your Company record. In this example, we will use Acme, Inc.

3. To create a live preview of this company and its unique record identifier, click

Every record in Hubspot has a unique identifier. You can find this number in the company’s record URL:

4. The following text box opens.

Search for “ACME.”

5. The following data will appear:

6. Click the button next to the name.

You will also see that the unique identifier is the same as shown in the URL in Step 2.

7. The following appears. Click Apply Now.

8. The live preview now displays the Acme, Inc. information.

You will also see that the Preview Mode header includes the name of the company and the unique identifier number.

Toggle the Preview eye icon to return to your template in the Template Editor.

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