Inserting Runtime Variables

In this section, you will learn how to:

  • Understand runtime variables 
  • Insert runtime variables into the template editor.

Runtime variables are special variables such as:

  • Date time
  • Date
  • Current User’s Name
  • Email 
  • Record Owner’s name
  • Record name

Let’s continue creating our template.

You can add runtime variables into the template using the through the drag-and-drop function, or using the @ symbol keyboard shortcut.

Using the text editor, manually type in the following words in the template: 

  • Record:
  • Record owner:
  • Current user:

Now, using drag and drop, slide the runtime variables over after each entry:

  • Record name
  • Record Owner’s name
  • Current User’s name

You can add any of the runtime variables you need into your template.

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