Using Template Options

In this section, you will learn how to:

  • Change template settings such as the page size, margins, and padding.
  • Change the template name and description.
  • Change the template colors. 

S-Docs allows you to modify your template with the following options:

  • Page Setup
  • Template Settings
  • Background Color

To change template settings:

1. Go to the right-hand side of the screen and click the three dots. The following will open.

Click Document Setup.

2. The following menu will appear:

2a Click Page Setup. The following will appear:

You can change the Paper Size, Page margins, etc.

When you have completed your changes, click Apply.

2b Click Template settings.

You can enter a name and a description here.

The name of the document will be automatically updated in the upper left-hand corner.

2c Click Background color.

You can change the background color for the entire document to reflect your brand colors. If your color is specific to your brand, enter its Hex value in the space provided. 

Close the menu when you are done.


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