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It’s a good feeling when you can go above and beyond what’s asked of you. Especially when it’s a request from upper leadership. So what keeps us from over-delivering every time we’re tasked with a project?

Maybe the below scenario sounds familiar:

Your team asks you for a specific report, you know the data required lives in Salesforce and you have a very manual way of extracting and arranging it in a neat, presentable format. The problem? It’s quite the process:

  1. First, you have to pull reports in Salesforce, export and manipulate the data and then copy/paste that information into your doc
  2. Next, you format the document and deal with all those fun formatting intricacies
  3. Finally, once it’s ready, you send it out via a manual email to your team

If you’re a Salesforce admin, the trick to getting more done and over delivering is through automation. If you have an automation app in place, pre-made templates can shorten lengthy manual processes and it has the potential to streamline customer communication. Both will help you deliver faster, anticipate needs and stay two steps ahead.

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Trick #1: Use templates to solve most of your problems

Now, we’re not saying that document automation is the solution to every problem, at least not yet, but there are quite a few ways it can help. What’s more, software like S-Docs, for example, is constantly adding more templates and tools that are malleable and can be made to fit any organization’s needs.

Instead of brainstorming the layout you are going to use for a few hours, go straight to the S-Docs template library, and see what solutions may have already been developed. There’s multiple templates to choose from. After all, why recreate the wheel, right?

Trick #2: Streamline your communication

You probably haven’t considered how your teams’ communication methods connect with over-delivering to your exec team, but there’s an unbelievable amount of value in efficient, streamlined communication. With a document generation solution, like S-Docs, in place you can work towards automating emails and status updates. Building this type of automated communication proactively is a great way to ensure you are going above and beyond what’s asked of you. And it takes the hassle out of multiple step processes, which enables you to  deliver relevant information in a more timely manner.

Trick #3: Stay two steps ahead

When you implement a document automation tool, you not only get more time back to focus on bigger projects at hand, but you’ll have time to anticipate your execs’ follow up questions and needs in the future. What’s more impressive than giving your team what they ask for, when they ask for it, AND providing even more information than what was originally requested?

With S-Docs, you’ll be prepared for those tedious requests and well equipped to stay two steps ahead, over-delivering what’s requested with something even better.

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