If you search “e-signature” on the Salesforce AppExchange, about 40 different apps will pop up on your screen. You’ll likely see some names that you recognize, and quite a few that you don’t -- so how do you go about choosing the right solution? Sure, you could just go with a company you already know of, but if they don’t end up working out, all that time and effort you put into evaluating them will be wasted -- and you’ll be back at square one.

Luckily, if you’re using Salesforce, there is something you can do to vet e-signature solutions before you begin diving into the buying process: figure out if they’re native to Salesforce. This one key feature -- which means an application is built entirely on the Salesforce platform -- comes with a host of benefits that non-native applications simply can’t match. And since native applications are purpose-built exclusively for Salesforce, they seamlessly blend into business processes that are already implemented.

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The Benefits of Native E-Signature Solutions for Salesforce

When you think about the benefits of native e-signature solutions for Salesforce, don’t overlook the benefits of e-signature solutions in general. Electronic signature applications provide numerous advantages over traditional paper signature processes, including faster turnarounds,  better security, and a more intuitive workflow. Adding the Salesforce native aspect to these benefits is like introducing a secret sauce to an already-great recipe: it boosts it to a higher level of deliciousness. In this case, choosing an e-signature solution that’s native to Salesforce boosts your workflow to a much higher level of security and efficiency.

Native E-Signature Solutions Speed Things Up

One of the biggest advantages of using e-signature solutions is speed. Traditional signature processes involve printing out contracts, signing them by hand, scanning them back into a computer, and emailing them to the appropriate parties -- or worse, sending them through the mail. This entire process may have to be done several times before everything is finalized. E-signature solutions eliminate these manual tasks and save the valuable time it would normally take to complete them, significantly reducing the contract lifecycle and keeping your customers happy.

Native e-signature solutions take this speed to the next level. Because they’re built on the Salesforce platform, they don’t need to transfer data between external clouds or make API calls that might slow things down. Everything is processed directly within Salesforce, which means the signing process can happen much more quickly. This is a key benefit for almost any industry, but it’s especially useful for those that need to capture signatures in the field -- contracts can be signed, stored, and tracked in Salesforce in a matter of seconds, no waiting around necessary. And after everything is finalized, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the executed document was uploaded to the correct Salesforce object -- it’s stored there automatically.

Native E-Signature Solutions Are More Secure

Another huge advantage of using e-signature solutions is the increased security that they bring to the table. Traditional paper processes are easily tampered with, and have no airtight methods of ensuring that documents don’t get modified after they’ve been signed. By contrast, most e-signature solutions are able to track exactly when and where a document is signed, as well as any changes that are made to it. This information is usually easily accessible in the form of an audit trail.

Native e-signature solutions are more secure than their alternatives because every interaction with them happens inside of Salesforce, which has been perfecting its security measures for more than two decades. Contracts can be configured for e-signature, sent, signed, and tracked from within your org; none of your data ever leaves Salesforce. Non-native e-signature applications need to transfer data between different clouds, which exposes security risks that native solutions don’t have to worry about.

If you’re already looking to e-signature applications as a way to increase security, it makes sense to choose those that are already compliant with all of the strict security measures that Salesforce is compliant with. For industries with special data security requirements, such as healthcare or government, choosing native e-signature applications can significantly reduce the time it takes to authorize the right solution, since they run on the already-approved Salesforce platform.

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Native E-Signature Solutions Are Easier to Use

Yet another big benefit of e-signature solutions is their ease of use, both for a business’s employees and its customers. For one, choosing intuitive applications is the first step to driving employee adoption. Nobody wants to spend weeks learning how to do something, even if it is promised to save them time. E-signature solutions are easy to work with because pointing and clicking is usually the extent of the technical knowledge necessary to utilize them. This creates efficient employees and satisfied customers.

Since they’re built directly on the platform, native e-signature solutions have the advantage of mirroring the look and feel of Salesforce, so if you know Salesforce, you’ll know how to use your native e-signature app right away. Choosing native solutions can reduce your team’s learning period from weeks to just days. Their intuitive nature will make your employees happier, more efficient, and able to close deals faster.

Introducing S-Sign: 100% Native E-Signature For Salesforce

Now that you understand some of the advantages of using native e-signature applications for Salesforce, you’re ready to start choosing the most secure and intuitive solutions available on the AppExchange. S-Sign is a 100% native e-signature solution that checks all of these boxes and more -- it’s fast, easy to use, incredibly secure, and functionally robust, supporting signing in person, automation, validation rules, and much more. To top it all off, it’s built to complement our industry-leading document generation solution, S-Docs (which is also 100% native to Salesforce).

Start simplifying your workflow today by contacting us to request a customized demo, or reach out directly to sales@sdocs.com.

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