Field service is a broad concept that takes many shapes - landscaping, product delivery, utility repair, and more - but each one is united under a common goal: delighting the customer with prompt, exceptional work.

Field service management (FSM) software, like Salesforce Field Service, helps businesses achieve this goal by empowering their employees to do their best work:

  • Contact center agents can respond to requests and create work orders faster
  • Dispatchers can more seamlessly manage their technicians
  • Technicians have a deeper understanding of the customers that they’re servicing

All of these optimizations funnel down into better customer experiences. But there’s still something missing. Field service is highly reliant upon documents - work orders, service reports, contracts, and more - meaning great field service depends on the ability to quickly and accurately generate those documents.

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Most FSM solutions provide rudimentary work order templates, but companies in the business of exceptional field service should consider Salesforce document generation and e-signature solutions for flawless customer experiences that scale.

Let’s take a look at how document generation for Salesforce field service can benefit your employees and customers.

What Is Document Generation for Field Service?

Salesforce document generators accomplish a simple task: automatically inserting your Salesforce data into premade document templates. As trivial as it sounds, the results are usually far from it.

In the world of field service, document generation apps like S-Docs leverage Salesforce Field Service’s 360-degree customer view to let service teams create and deliver personalized, accurate documents at every stage of the service lifecycle. For example:

  • Contact center agents can click a button to instantly create and send a work order with all relevant customer information
  • Dispatchers can generate and email service assignment letters
  • Technicians can generate service reports, collect customer signatures, and email documents - all from a tablet in the field

Document generation apps also allow service teams to be more productive through automation. For example, checking a box on a case can automatically generate and send a work order. Preventative maintenance reminders can be automatically sent after a period of time following utility installation. Tasks that may have taken hours before can be reduced to a few minutes.

With a basic understanding of document generation for field service, let’s take a look at the benefits it can bring to your employees and customers.

How Salesforce Document Generation Improves Field Service

Document generation apps are built to improve field service experiences at every stage, from initial requests to post-service follow-ups.

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Document Generation For Contact Centers

When a customer makes a service request, contact center agents can use document generation to translate that information into a work order and distribute it with a single click. For even greater flexibility, it can even be built into Experience Cloud sites where customers can request service and generate work orders themselves.

Other documents can be built into the service request process, too. For example, if the customer is required to sign off on an upcoming visit, a consent form can be auto-generated and emailed for e-signature. These process improvements can enable contact center agents to field more requests and create work orders with higher accuracy - maximizing their time and your customers.’

Document Generation for Dispatchers

Document generators can save dispatcher time by allowing them to auto-generate job assignment letters and conditionally send them to the correct technician.

The dispatcher can also provide technicians with the latest information about the customer - and their service history - by generating and sending account summaries.

All in all, document generation creates more seamless behind-the-scenes processes for field service teams, which channel into faster resolution times for customers.

Document Generation for Field Service Technicians

With a streamlined pre-service process, service technicians will be equipped to work right away.

When they finally hit the field, the magic of Salesforce document generation really starts kicking in. Upon job completion, the technician can deliver exactly what the customer needs when they need it. This might include a service report summarizing the work done, or an invoice for signature - it can all take place on the customer’s front porch.

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This might also mean generating and sending documents externally. For example, a service technician might need to send an application to the local power authority before installing a utility. With document generation, the application can be signed off by the customer and filed before the technician leaves - no waiting around necessary.

Document generation apps also enable service technicians to cross-sell and upsell in the field - it’s easy to generate a new invoice or contract and collect signatures right away.

Seamless Follow-Up

The service lifecycle doesn’t end when the technician packs up and drives away. Your business might want to send follow-up notifications, surveys, or preventative maintenance reminders. All of these can be set to automatically generate and send when a case is marked as complete - or based on any condition of your choosing.

Improve Your Field Service Experiences Today

The goal of great field service is simple: delight the customer with prompt, exceptional work.

While Salesforce Field Service gives teams the tools they need to deliver on this objective, document generation closes the gaps left open and unifies the customer experience into one that will retain for years to come.

Looking to improve your field service document workflows? Look no further than S-Docs, the only 100% native document generation and e-signature solution for Salesforce. S-Docs is faster, more secure, and purpose-built for Salesforce - so your team can get up and running faster.

Contact us today to find out how S-Docs can transform your field service experiences..

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