Of the many products/enhancements designed to improve your life, a select few will eventually make you think I really used to do it like that? For example, dual monitors make one screen feel impossibly slow; computer mouses make touchpads feel sluggish; wireless earbuds make untangling cords seem absurd.

Enhancements like these often become so impactful because of their widespread applicability. The more areas of your life something touches, the more likely it completely changes the way you live.

The same can be said for Salesforce AppExchange apps. Some are designed to solve one specific business problem. Others have the potential to streamline workflows across an entire Salesforce org - and make you wonder how you ever got anything done before.

Salesforce document automation is one application category that reaches across departments to deliver value to an entire business. Every Salesforce org needs a good document automation solution. Let’s explore why.

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Document Automation: A Business's Best Friend

Salesforce document generators take a universal business requirement - creating, distributing, and e-signing documents - and automate all or part of the process. And when you automate a universal requirement, the positive results become universal too.

But document automation apps for Salesforce don’t just free up time. As soon as you automate one routine document, ideas for other processes blossom. When used correctly, apps like S-Docs can forge new ways to interact with customers, prospects, and employees - and ultimately new ways to get work done.

Cross-Departmental Wins with Document Automation

The possible applications for document generation are endless. Every department must create some type of routine document - we could name 20 for sales alone (if you’re interested in document generation for sales, check out our guides to creating quotes, invoices, and contracts in Salesforce).

From marketing to engineering to HR, Salesforce document automation is applicable to everyone. If you need a few examples, we recently highlighted 10 unique ways our customers have used S-Docs across 10 different departments - check it out on the SalesforceBen blog for some inspiration!

Like we said before: when you solve a universal problem, you receive universal benefits. Implementing one-click SOWs might save project managers a few hours a week - but when that time is multiplied by five or six departments, eventually you’ll be looking at saving a full-time employee’s worth of hours - or even more.

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Other benefits will be multiplied, too. Document automation reduces errors by pulling data directly from Salesforce, lowering the chance of costly mistakes. In a similar vein, it also increases compliance with internal policies, since employees aren’t inserting information themselves - protecting your org from top to bottom.

Using a single solution for document creation across departments also helps reduce the complexity of an org. When an admin/developer designs new processes for different departments, they’ll always be referencing the same objects/fields for any use case that calls for document automation. This also removes the need to train users on multiple different systems/user interfaces.

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Get More Value Out of Salesforce with Document Automation

Implementing document automation for Salesforce can also help you get more value out of your Salesforce investment by forging new ways of interacting with internal and external stakeholders.

The processes created with document generation will take different forms in different companies. For some, it’s the personal touch of an automated welcome letter when a new account is created. For others, it’s the reliability of a scheduled renewal contract always hitting the inbox on time.

Whatever the process, document generation is more than the docs it creates, much like Salesforce is more than the data it stores. Working together, they’re a platform for better, more scalable business practices that change your business relationships for the better.

Additionally, providing users with an easy way to generate the documents they need will create an advantage to using Salesforce and up your user adoption rates. The more Salesforce is used, the higher your ROI will be.

Double Your Benefits with Native Salesforce Apps

Salesforce document generators save time, reduce errors, and provide a platform for automation that can streamline your customer, prospect, and employee experiences. The benefits of implementing a document generation app add up quickly - but they add up even quicker when you opt for 100% native apps.

Native Salesforce apps like S-Docs are built entirely on the Salesforce platform. Among their many benefits, a few stand out among the rest. Native document generation apps for Salesforce give you:
Speed: Since they’re not interfacing with external servers, native document generators can create documents (even whole batches of them) in a fraction of the time it takes non-native alternatives
Security: Native document generators don’t send your data to third-party servers for document creation; it all happens within your Salesforce instance. That means that from a data security/technical architecture standpoint, native apps are compliant with most laws Salesforce complies with (GDPR, HIPAA, FedRAMP, etc.)
Ease of Use: Apps like S-Docs are purpose-built for Salesforce, so they mirror its look and feel. Admins can typically implement native apps much faster, and business users are able to learn how to use them quicker, since they already know Salesforce

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Document generation will always improve your Salesforce org and your business by extension. Native document generation allows you to leverage Salesforce’s enterprise-class infrastructure for optimal performance, speed, and user experience.

S-Docs: 100% Native Document Generation & E-Signature for Salesforce

S-Docs is a 100% native Salesforce app for automatically generating and e-signing documents in Salesforce. After building out a few templates and automating some routine documents, we’re confident you’ll wish you would’ve found us sooner.

S-Docs is a solution poised to transform your workflows - take a look at our customers page for ways we’ve already helped leading enterprises change the way they get work done.

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