Transforming the Federal Employee Experience with Salesforce and Government Digital Transformation

Government agencies have come a long way in the last few decades. Operations that used to be drowning in piles of paperwork and miles of red tape are now going through government digital transformation

However, your government office might still lag behind private sector workplaces when it comes to using technology. A recent study of public sector leadership shows that nearly 80% of efforts to change the way the government workplace runs are falling short of objectives. 

But you shouldn’t lose hope; these efforts are starting to pay off. Technology is key to breaking free from outdated systems and creating an agile, efficient environment that attracts top talent and provides a positive employee experience. 

The Public Sector's Struggle to Attract Talent

The government hiring process stands in the way of attracting top job candidates. In the slow, paperwork-heavy environment of the public sector, candidates must fill out lengthy applications and wait for weeks or even months to hear back. Then interviews and background checks start, adding even more time. Why would a candidate put up with this process when they can get hired and be on payroll over a much shorter period of time in the private sector?

Once a candidate actually gets hired and starts work, they may feel like a Dilbert avatar, looking at piles of paperwork waiting to be manually processed. Not only do manual paperwork processes hinder hiring, but they also make it harder for the public sector to retain its best employees. Private sector employees generally get the technology tools they need for success on the job, while government employees may get outdated technology and manual entry documents.

Another factor hindering you from making a complete digital transformation is the difficulty in hiring top talent. Today’s job market is competitive with a historically low 3.7% unemployment rate. There aren’t many people searching for jobs, period. Additionally, many potential candidates skip the public sector and head straight to private jobs because they perceive it to have better pay, benefits, and career growth opportunities — keeping you from being able to hire a workforce with the tech expertise you need.

The Solution: Government Digital Transformation

Government agencies know that embracing technology and modernizing their operations will create a more attractive work environment that can compete with the private sector. This shift towards digital processes holds the key to transforming the government employee experience. 

Government digital transformation is exactly this: integrating digital technology into public sector operations. It means you leverage tools and platforms to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall employee experience.

A high-impact way to use government digital transformation is to transform document operations. Traditionally, government agencies have had to process reams of paperwork, forms, and documents that are time-consuming and prone to errors. Digital tools streamline these processes and make them more efficient. Digital tools can cut down on the time you and your teams spend crunching through paperwork — and, bonus, you get rid of the actual paper!  

Government agencies aren’t just digitizing paperwork-based processes, they’re automating them. By integrating document automation tools with a data repository such as a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Salesforce, you can pull information from your CRM and automate most of the forms and paperwork that currently tie up the day of an average worker.

With government digital transformation, your employees can focus on what truly matters — serving the public.

Types of Government Automation Tools

Among the digital tools available to government agencies, two offer the biggest bang for your buck:

CRM Platform

A CRM like Salesforce Government Cloud simplifies and automates the way you manage constituent relationships. With Salesforce, employees centralize contact information, interactions, and communications. This lets them easily access and update records, saving time and streamlining processes while offering more personalized and efficient services to the public.

Salesforce has been widely adopted by agencies to drive their public sector digital transformation initiatives. Salesforce Government Cloud offers a secure and scalable solution that meets the unique needs of the public sector. By harnessing the power of Salesforce, your government organization can revolutionize the way you attract, engage, and empower your employees.

Document Automation

The other important tool to have is document automation, like S-Docs. With S-Docs, you can generate, manage, and distribute documents electronically, instead of manually creating and sending out documents through email or snail mail. Employees use S-Docs’ predefined templates and workflows to automate the paperwork process, eliminating the need to hand-type forms and attach them to emails to send for signature. 

As a 100% native Salesforce app, S-Docs seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Government Cloud and can automatically pull information to populate documents and forms. This functionality eliminates the need for repetitive tasks and ensures consistency and accuracy across all documents.

Benefits of Secure Public Sector Digital Transformation Tools

Maintaining the security and privacy of information contained in public sector agencies is paramount. Switching from paper-based processes to digital tools is the best way to build efficiency while also increasing security. You also gain access to new methods of collaborating, engaging, and uniting your teams.

When you adopt public sector digital transformation tools like Salesforce and S-Docs, your agency stands to see several benefits in operational efficiency and, as a result, the overall employee experience. 

Streamline the Hiring Process with Online Portals

You can overcome one of your biggest challenges — attracting and hiring top talent — by using online portals like Salesforce recruitment and hiring apps to streamline the hiring process. Job seekers use them to easily search and apply for positions, while recruiters efficiently manage applications and track candidates. Recruiters can also generate hiring paperwork and letters using S-Docs, saving time and resources while improving the overall candidate experience and ultimately attracting more candidates. Candidates can also access and sign required documents at their convenience, streamlining their experience and making a positive first impression.

Digitize Forms, Paperwork, and Signatures

Government agencies are known for their vast amounts of paperwork, forms, and signatures. Digitizing and automating these processes saves time and reduces errors, giving you and your employees time to work on other meaningful projects. Use a tool like S-Docs to generate government documents by pulling your data from Salesforce and creating, filling out, and signing forms electronically. This ensures the authenticity and security of your documents and simplifies employee workflows.

Unite a Distributed Workforce

Many agencies have a distributed workforce where employees work from different offices or remote locations. Platforms like Salesforce allow you to connect and collaborate seamlessly through a centralized hub, no matter where you and your team are. You can access information, communicate, and work together on projects while generating documents through S-Docs with templates that stay consistent. This digitally connected workforce fosters efficiency and promotes a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

Centralize Knowledge with a Single Source of Truth

In any public agency with numerous departments and employees, it’s crucial to have a central repository of information. Salesforce Government Cloud gives you a single source of truth where your employees can be assured that they’re accessing and using up-to-date information. This information can be used to automatically create important documents with S-Docs, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the organization and empowering employees with the knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

Automate Cumbersome Processes

Your government agency may be saddled with complex and cumbersome processes that are mandated by law. You can automate those processes, saving time and eliminating errors, by generating documents with S-Docs, populated with data from Salesforce. Document automation saves resources and streamlines tasks, improving efficiency and enhancing the overall employee experience. 

Salesforce and S-Docs — Transforming the Government Employee Experience

In the past, government employees were bound by cumbersome workflows and bureaucratic red tape. However, the public sector is moving away from endless stacks of paper and embracing paperless, digital processes. 

Government digital transformations like CRM and document automation have a big impact on your workplace. Combining Salesforce with S-Docs transforms the government employee experience to one where employees are empowered to work smarter and more efficiently. Employees can access essential information and data in real time, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues across departments, and automate daily tasks. Salesforce and S-Docs together make day-to-day work easier and more efficient, allowing you and your employees to get more done and have time for important work that serves the public.

With Salesforce Government Cloud built to meet strict government security requirements, you can trust that your data will remain secure. S-Docs is 100% native to Salesforce for seamless integration and powerful data security. Documents generated with S-Docs never send data outside the secure Salesforce cloud. You can generate, automate, and e-sign documents without security concerns or compliance worries. 

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