A Federal Law Enforcement Agency Creates The Ultimate Case Management Solution

Discover how a major federal law enforcement agency streamlined case management and enhanced data security with Salesforce and S-Docs.


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This major federal law enforcement agency teamed up with a leading Salesforce consulting firm with one goal in mind: unite cross-departmental case management under a single system of record to boost efficiency and increase data security across the board.

The Challenge

Investigating employee misconduct/ integrity violations involves multiple stakeholders at this law enforcement agency, including the Board of Professional Conduct, the Human Resources & Board, and the Deciding Officials.

Each department managed cases in siloed databases, often with offline spreadsheet software. Collaborating on related cases was a difficult and inconvenient process, requiring sharing files with sensitive information that may or may not have been up-to-date. Final sign-off on case reports happened on physical paper.

The inefficiencies and data security concerns of this workflow prompted this agency to seek the help of a leading Salesforce consultancy. The consulting firm was tasked with implementing the Salesforce platform as a single system for cross-departmental case management - including implementing an easy way to generate and sign employee conduct reports while protecting confidential information.

The Solution

This consulting firm helped boost the law enforcement agency’s case management efficiency and security with Salesforce and S-Docs native document generation and e-signature.

Each department can now access and collaborate on cases through a single system of record.

When it comes time to create final employee conduct reports, officials simply click a button on the case record to instantly generate the document with S-Docs, with all appropriate & up-to-date information automatically included. Report generation triggers a downstream approval process where multiple officials use S-Sign to electronically sign and store the documents.

S-Docs saves the agency hours each week while ultimately delivering upon the consulting firm’s promise of providing a holistic solution for case management, since it mirrors the look and feel of Salesforce and never sends data off-platform.

Why S-Docs

This consulting firm selected S-Docs as the federal agency’s document generation and e-signature solution because it perfectly fit the agency’s requirements while maintaining the best-in-class data security that Salesforce already provides.

  1. Efficiency-boosting workflow automation: S-Docs allows representatives to create and sign off on reports in minutes, saving time for value-adding work
  2. Airtight data security: As a native app, S-Docs is built entirely on the Salesforce platform, never sending data externally and leveraging Salesforce’s built-in security infrastructure
  3. Ease of Use: S-Docs mirrors the look and feel of Salesforce, providing officials with an uninterrupted workflow in their single system of record
  4. Lightning-Fast Implementation: S-Docs is built on Salesforce, for Salesforce, meaning security evaluations are speedy (since Salesforce is already approved), and setup & implementation are much faster than off-platform alternatives

S-Docs allowed this consulting partner to deliver on their promise, plus some, and helped the federal law enforcement agency achieve their goal of creating a streamlined case management process with first-class compliance.


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