Navigating through S-Docs for HubSpot

In this section, you will learn how to:

  1. Navigate to and open the S-Docs application to find the:
    Template Editor
    Help for S-Docs
  2. Find Documents and Templates you or your team have created and saved.

Follow these instructions to find S-Docs.

1. From the main Hubspot menu, click Companies.

The Companies dashboard will open. Choose a company name from the menu and double-click it.

  1. The following window will open.

You will see three columns in this view:

Left-hand side Center Right-hand side

Note: This section can be hidden using the double arrows.
  1. Scroll down the right-hand side menu to the bottom.

You will see that you have access to the S-Docs card. There are two selections available to you:

  • Documents
  • Available Templates

This is where you will find the documents and templates that you’ll be creating once you are inside S-Docs.

  1. To access S-Docs, click the link next to Manage Templates.

This will bring you to S-Docs:

Here, you will find tabs for:

  • Templates - You can create templates for your customers or clients using Templates. The Template Editor is found here.
  • E-signature - You can send documents that require signatures using E-signature.
  • Help - You can get answers to your questions about S-Docs using Help.

Next, we will create your first template using the Template Editor.

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