How to Accelerate the Sales Process with Document Automation

In a fast-paced sales environment, every second counts. From lead generation to closing a deal, time is a precious asset that can influence your company's bottom line. But what if you could dramatically reduce the time spent on your sales processes?

Well, you can — by including document automation, you’ll speed up your sales activities, improve productivity, minimize human error, and enhance customer experiences. 

What Is Sales Process Automation?

Sales process automation uses software tools, like sales automation software or Salesforce document generation, to streamline routine business tasks like spinning up contracts and emails and automating signatures. 

Intelligent sales automation software can do the heavy lifting for your sales team, taking over time-consuming administrative duties, guesswork, or unnecessary data management activities. 

Adopting sales process automation doesn’t mean you’re dropping personal customer interactions. Instead, it frees up resources so your sales team can spend more time on meaningful engagements and client-nurturing activities. 

Why Your Teams Need Sales Process Automation Now

Post-pandemic, your customers want immediate interaction and fast, consistent, personalized experiences. Yet, your sales representatives aren’t equipped for this level of service. On average, sales reps spend 72% of their time on non-selling activities. 

Sales automation software digitizes the entire process — a dedicated personal assistant who handles your paperwork so you can focus on accelerating your business cycle.

Document Generation Solutions for Sales Process Automation

A sales automation tool integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) software can generate documents from existing templates with the touch of a button. Using data and product information already stored in your CRM, document fields auto-populate so you don’t have to waste time copying and pasting. 

The technology works from lead qualification to deal closure, generating everything from quotable price sheets to final contracts. Salesforce document generation, in particular, seamlessly integrates with other functions in the system, allowing sales personnel to create documents and get them out the door by simply completing their regular tasks - everything happens in the background. This in turn opens up more time to chase down new opportunities. 

Types of Documents Sales Teams Should Automate

To simplify sales workflows, teams can use sales automation software to generate common documents using pre-approved templates.

This includes a wide range of document types, including: 

  • First call decks for contacting new prospects
  • Email communications such as initial contact, follow-up, negotiations, and nurturing
  • Product Brochures that can be dynamically personalized for the prospect
  • NDAs and other contracts that are personalized for the customer 
  • Quotes/proposals generated and delivered instantly
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Account summaries and other notes
  • Services contracts with e-Signature to streamline closing

Automation also provides your sales team with status updates (so nothing gets “stuck” in someone’s inbox), brand consistency in all communications, and quicker turnarounds to close deals faster.

Benefits of Sales Process Automation for Documents

While automating everything from customer interactions to extensive reports, sales automation will bring your sales team many benefits.

Get Time Back For Selling

Free up resources by automating your routine document generation, allowing sales representatives to spend more time on revenue-generating activities like connecting with customers and closing deals. 

Reduce Human Error

“To err is human,” especially when repetitive tasks are involved, like drafting multiple individualized agreements. Adopting a sales automation tool not only eliminates the monotony of these tasks; it adds precision to every step of the process, reducing instances where information may be incorrectly copied or overlooked. 

Improve The Customer Experience

Customers today expect immediate responses to their inquiries. Sales process automation combined with your CRM lets you generate proposals or contracts fast, reducing customer wait times and delivering a high-quality experience.

Focus On Making Sales Personal

With Salesforce document generation, sales representatives can create personalized proposals or contracts without lifting a finger. A quick click is all that is required to create a proposal or contract, with individual customer details auto-populated from Salesforce and conditional elements rendered based on your business rules. This personal touch elevates customer satisfaction and provides sales reps with the ability to spend more time engaging with the customer rather than wrestling with paperwork. 

Scale For Success

No matter the size of your business, scaling with sales automation software is a breeze. Create tens or thousands of documents with minimal effort. As your business expands, a sales automation tool supports increased workloads while preserving efficiency.

Spin Up Sales Documents in Seconds

Sales teams have three vital objectives: sell, sell, and sell. What’s not on that list is administrative paperwork. Sales automation software gives sales teams hours back in their day by taking the monotony of writing proposals, contracts, and emails off their plate.

That’s what we’re offering with S-Docs, an industry-leading document automation and e-signature solution purpose-built for Salesforce. 

Are you ready to relieve your sales team of the burden of routine paperwork and get them back out there selling? We’d love to talk to you! Request a demo today and find out how you can give your sales team more time back each day.

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