When you hear the word “innovation,” what comes to mind? Other than stock photos of lightbulbs, we think of someone in a lab coat - a healthcare professional.

Healthcare companies depend on innovation to stay relevant and competitive, so this image is no coincidence. But in the digital age, innovation doesn’t always mean developing a new drug or surgical procedure. Now, it also means finding new ways to streamline business processes, meet rising patient expectations, and remain compliant.

Healthcare companies using Salesforce are leveraging a platform with one of the richest application ecosystems of any healthcare software available. Customizing it into a powerful source of truth that helps meet patient demands and innovate is entirely possible - if you choose the right solutions.

Let’s walk through some of the best Salesforce healthcare apps on the AppExchange. We hope you’ll learn something new, get inspired, and find a new way to improve your own org.

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The Best Salesforce Healthcare Apps Depend On Your Goals

When you look for great Salesforce healthcare apps, it’s best to start with a set of goals. In this article, we’ll be looking at apps that help healthcare organizations meet the following three goals:

Click a goal to scroll down to our recommended healthcare apps for that category.

Pro Tip: Look For Native Salesforce Apps

Just one more thing before we dive in (promise!). We recommend starting your search by filtering for apps that are 100% native to Salesforce.

100% native apps are built entirely on the Salesforce platform and never send data externally. This makes them compatible with security-conscious healthcare companies since most compliance concerns are virtually eliminated based on native app architecture.

If your data isn’t leaving Salesforce, it’s not leaving the world-class data security that Salesforce guarantees.

Salesforce Healthcare Apps For Increased Sales & Patient Acquisition

Sales are pivotal to business, and healthcare companies are no exception. These apps will help increase awareness and acquire new customers or patients.

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1. Axtria SalesIQ

Axtria SalesIQ is a sales planning and operations application for Salesforce that’s built specifically for the healthcare & life sciences industry.

With this app, you can identify high-potential customers and the most relevant channels of interaction. You’ll also be able to optimize field team productivity with territory alignment, motivate behaviors with incentive compensation, and report on everything with real-time analytics.

Axtria SalesIQ customers typically see a 50% reduction in alignment cycle times and a 40% overall cost reduction.
Source: Axtria SalesIQ

2. S-Docs

S-Docs is a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution that allows healthcare companies to automate their document workflows in Salesforce.

From quoting/invoicing to patient intake forms, the healthcare sales & patient acquisition process can become complex and unscalable when handled manually - and even put data at risk.

S-Docs allows healthcare companies to generate the documents they need with the click of a button, and send them for e-signature just as fast. The best part? Since S-Docs is 100% native, documents are created and e-signed without ever sending data outside of Salesforce.

3. Healthgrades Hg Mercury

Healthgrades Hg Mercury is a leading engagement platform designed to increase patient acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

Healthgrades has spent over 30 years innovating on its suite of healthcare solutions. Marketing, contact centers, provider engagement, data management - if you’re looking for a unified solution for healthcare growth, we recommend checking out this platform.

Customers have seen a 36% increase in new patient retention and 110K additional visits.

Salesforce Healthcare Apps For Better Patient Engagement

Intelligent patient engagement can lead to better health outcomes and lower costs. These apps will let you contact your patients at the right time - and help them help themselves.

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4. Appointiv

Appointiv is an appointment scheduler that increases bookings and reduces no-shows.

This app lets you organize your entire team’s one-time or recurring appointments, create waitlists, book resources, and set automatic reminders. You can add a booking button to your website to let patients set their own appointments - and it’s fully mobile compatible, so your customers can self-serve how they want.
Source: Appointiv

5. Health AI-Powered Patient Engagement

Health AI-Powered Patient Engagement aggregates your clinical, claims, and consumer data to create more intelligent patient and provider engagement.

This app advises your organization of valuable engagement opportunities based on AI so that you can create personalized and proactive patient outreach. It provides automated next best actions (NBAs) to increase patient conversions and add revenue.

Customers using this solution have seen real results - as much as a 350% in patient conversions.

6. Vonage Contact Center

Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce is a telephony solution that enables healthcare organizations to create better customer service experiences.

This app empowers agents with data so that they can delight patients with personalized interactions over the phone. It also uses AI to analyze conversation quality and help agents continually improve their skills. With click-to-dial, call routing, and automatic logging, it also helps increase employee productivity.

Patients want to feel important when they interact with your organization. Vonage Contact Center helps you deliver on their expectations.
Source: Vonage

Salesforce Healthcare Apps That Enable Integration And Data Protection

Healthcare companies must maintain data across a variety of different systems. The ability to integrate it with Salesforce while remaining compliant is vital for those looking to continue creating innovative business processes in the cloud.

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7. Trackwise Digital Quality Management System

Trackwise Digital Quality Management System (QMS) is an end-to-end quality and compliance solution.

This app allows you to manage regulatory audits with ease - including assessing risk, identifying causes, and initiating corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs). It also provides a solution for managing the complaint lifecycle, controlling documents, and executing training policies that may be tied to regulatory requirements.

For all of your quality management needs in Salesforce, we recommend checking out this app.

8. Redox EHR Integration

Redox EHR Integration enables you to connect Salesforce to over 55 leading EHR vendors.

It comes with pre-configured workflows that will help make the integration process as smooth as possible, including data models for demographics, schedules, clinical summaries, providers, and referrals. While most Salesforce EHR integrations can take 6+ months, Redox customers can typically complete the process in just a few weeks.

9. Imprivata FairWarning Cloud Solutions - Risk Analytics and Intelligence

Imprivata FairWarning Cloud Solutions helps protect your data against insider threats and meet HIPAA requirements like 164.402 and 164.312.

This app allows you to monitor Salesforce usage and identify unusual activity, set up privileged user access, and ensure any remote workforce is secure.

Salesforce For Healthcare Innovation

Salesforce is leading the charge in healthcare business innovation. The AppExchange opens the door for healthcare organizations to mold it into a unified solution that can positively impact revenue and health outcomes at the same time. For more great healthcare apps for Salesforce, check out the healthcare industry collection.

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S-Docs for Healthcare

Looking to transform your healthcare document workflows in Salesforce? S-Docs has been a trusted partner to the healthcare industry for over a decade.

We help organizations generate, store, distribute, and e-sign any type of document in Salesforce. Since S-Docs is 100% native, your data never leaves the Salesforce cloud - making it one of the most secure solutions available. It also means that S-Docs easily integrates with the apps in this guide, so that you can tie your document requirements with your other business processes and never miss a beat.

For more information about how we can help your organization cut down on manual processes and stay compliant, request a demo today or reach out to sales@sdocs.com.

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