Healthcare: it’s on everyone’s minds these days. Outside of virus treatments and vaccines, the relationship between healthcare and technology is at the forefront of the conversation.

In the midst of these dialogues is Salesforce, a CRM platform that does a whole lot more than just manage customer relationships. Salesforce Health Cloud allows healthcare organizations to translate Salesforce’s eclectic capabilities into better health outcomes for their patients. exactly are healthcare organizations using Salesforce in 2022? And if you’re a healthcare organization, why should you? As a 100% native Salesforce app, we’ve seen firsthand what Salesforce brings to the table for healthcare - now we want to share it with you. Let’s dive into real healthcare customer stories and see how Salesforce is improving the industry as a healthcare CRM.

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Why Do Healthcare Organizations Use Salesforce As A Healthcare CRM?

First of all, what is a healthcare CRM, and what benefits can it bring to healthcare organizations?

It’s simple, really. Think about what Salesforce offers to any regular sales or customer service team: enhanced collaboration, personalized experiences, and connected data, just to name a few. Turns out, these benefits are applicable across industries and departments.

When healthcare professionals are able to better collaborate with one another, make intelligent use of the abundant data available to them, and please their patients with personalization, the results can be outstanding. Patients receive better health outcomes, and organizations win lifelong customer loyalty. 

For more information on the value of a healthcare CRM, check out our article on SalesforceBen

How Healthcare Organizations Are Using Salesforce in 2022

Alright - we’ve established why Salesforce can be such a valuable asset to any healthcare organization. Now, let’s take a look at some real-world healthcare trailblazers.

UnitedHealthcare Uses Data Intelligently

UnitedHealthcare is a health insurance company part of the world’s largest healthcare IT business, UnitedHealth Group. As patient demands have grown over the last decade, UnitedHealthcare recognized the need to be fully member-centric, all the time. To do so, they brought in Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Service Cloud drives personalization. Customer care representatives know who’s calling before even picking up the phone, and have all the information necessary to get questions answered quickly.


This expedites the customer service process and even results in better care, as members are guided to answers that are best aligned with their healthcare needs.

Marketing Cloud takes it a step further, allowing UnitedHealthcare to send tailored email and text wellness journeys that help members stay on track with their treatment and discover healthier ways of life.

Here’s the best part - Salesforce gives healthcare organizations the freedom to easily customize their org and add new functionality, without breaching HIPAA or other data protection laws. How? Through native Salesforce apps.

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UnitedHealthcare leverages S-Docs, our 100% native document generation and e-signature tool, to automatically and securely generate medical documentation. With the click of a button in Salesforce, any type of document - from medical reports to patient communications - are instantly created. Since S-Docs never sends data outside of Salesforce, the process is quick, easy, and HIPAA-compliant.

Learn more about S-Docs’s work with UnitedHealthcare here.

Piedmont Healthcare Delivers Preventative Health Benefits

Piedmont Healthcare serves over 2 million patients across the state of Georgia, so this company is no stranger to growing expectations. In an effort to personalize their care and keep patients out of the hospital by identifying health problems earlier, they implemented Health Cloud.

Care providers use Health Cloud to access a comprehensive view of their patients’ social determinants of health, such as socioeconomic status, to address and mitigate preventable conditions before they become problematic. Easy access to this information also helps providers determine if a patient requires special accommodations, such as transportation, before the patient even needs to bring it up.

They also use Pardot to track and nurture physician leads, achieving cross-departmental benefits.

Colorado Health Care Policy & Financing Creates A Contact Center That Scales

Creating scalable solutions is another way Salesforce helps guide healthcare companies into the patient-centric future. Colorado Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) maintained a contact center for inquiries about healthcare services statewide. When the Affordable Care Act greatly expanded the number of residents eligible for Medicaid in 2012, it became clear that HCPF’s legacy system wasn’t going to cut it.

With the help of Service Cloud, HCPF developed a new contact center that integrated the department’s Medicaid eligibility system, voice response system, and Salesforce Knowledge. Agents get a holistic view of their customers and easy access to relevant help articles and recommendations.

Did we mention that they did it in just 3 months? That’s the power of the Salesforce platform. Configuring, customizing, and scaling come easier.

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Tribeca Pediatrics Delights Patients With Automation and EHR Integrations

Tribeca Pediatrics values great customer experiences, but it also serves thousands of patients across New York City and Los Angeles. In order to deliver personalization at scale without losing data protection, they turned to Salesforce Health Cloud.

Health Cloud allows Tribeca Pediatrics to integrate their electronic health record (EHR) systems together and give physicians a complete view of patients across different offices (this 360 degree view thing seems to be a trend, doesn’t it?). To delight customers even further, they also implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud to create patient and practitioner portals. These allow busy patients to communicate with caregivers on their own time.

Overall, Salesforce allows Tribeca Pediatrics to offer their customers personalized care, and let parents take a more active role in their childrens’ health.

Helping Healthcare Digitalize For The Future

There’s no doubt about it: the world is changing, and consumers have more say in the services they use than ever before. They’re demanding cross-channel availability based on their schedules, and they don’t want to feel like a number in a database. The healthcare industry is no exception to this.

Salesforce is a way for healthcare payers, providers, manufacturers, and businesses in other healthcare verticals to meet the rising demands of their customers - while improving overall health outcomes at the same time. It provides a better view of their patients, better opportunities for communication (both internally and externally), and personalization that helps gain and retain new business all the time.

The best part? It’s all done on a scalable platform that’s quick to set up, intuitive to customize, and completely HIPAA compliant.

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S-Docs: Secure Document Workflows For Healthcare

There’s one more reason we think Salesforce is great for healthcare: it allows healthcare companies to securely enhance its functionality with solutions from the AppExchange.

S-Docs is a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution for Salesforce designed to enhance healthcare documentation workflows while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Since it’s built entirely on the Salesforce platform, S-Docs never sends customer data outside of the secure Salesforce cloud. This makes it the number one choice for leading healthcare organizations around the globe - like UnitedHealthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and Roche.

For more information on how S-Docs can help streamline your healthcare document and e-signature needs, request a demo today or contact Happy caregiving! 

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