In recent years, the financial services industry has been undergoing a transformation. Today’s hyper-informed world has shifted power to the consumer - and the consumer is using it.

Expectations of personalized service and the demand for digital everything are at an all-time high. At the same time, industry regulations are continuously tightening. The unique challenge of keeping up with competitors and remaining compliant is greater than ever before.

Salesforce is helping financial service firms overcome the digital age disruption. It provides a connected interface through which they can intelligently manage their sales, customer engagement, and business processes - while complying with strict industry regulations.

But how exactly do financial service firms like banks, insurance companies, and investment firms get value out of Salesforce? Let’s dive into real customer stories to see how companies are using Salesforce for financial services - and how you could be, too.

It Starts With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

While customer relationship management is relevant to any industry, Salesforce offers a specialized version of its CRM for financial services companies - Financial Services Cloud.

It offers the core features of Sales Cloud plus custom fields and objects for tracking financial accounts, assets, liabilities, and client goals.
This specialized financial services CRM helps financial institutions grow their books of business, track and maintain great client relationships, and stay compliant with industry regulations at the same time.

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How Financial Services Organizations Are Using Salesforce In 2021

Now for the fun part. Who is using Salesforce for financial services today, and how?

  1. Salesforce for Banks
  2. Salesforce for Insurance
  3. Salesforce for Investment & Wealth Management

How Banks Use Salesforce

Banks are tasked with increasing customer and employee engagement, keeping productivity high, and protecting operational resiliency as they digitize their processes. Luckily, Salesforce has been instrumental in helping banks overcome these challenges.

Ulster Bank Crushes The Customer Experience With AI

Service excellence is a must for banks, and Ulster Bank knows this better than anyone. As a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, they serve over 1.9 million customers. Creating great experiences for such a large client base required a scalable solution that could provide its employees with the right data when they needed it.

Ulster Bank uses Salesforce Customer 360 and Einstein to gain a deeper understanding of every customer. Service reps review customer records before meetings that show what products or services the customer has used in the past, as well as predictions for future requirements. Einstein helps improve the customer experience by calculating whether the customer is using best-fit products, and suggests alternatives.

Ulster Bank also leverages another big Salesforce advantage: the Salesforce AppExchange, which provides financial service apps for Salesforce that can enhance its functionality further. They implemented S-Docs to automate the loan application process - customers can log into a Salesforce Communities portal, answer a few questions, and then receive an auto-generated loan document immediately. And since S-Docs is native to Salesforce, it brings the same data security and compliance protections with it.

With the help of Salesforce and apps like S-Docs, Ulster Bank is able to create experiences that keep customers coming back.


Mascoma Bank Streamlines Economic Recovery

While the pandemic brought most of the world to a halt, Mascoma Bank stepped up to the plate to help small businesses keep their workforces employed. As the US government rolled out the Paycheck Protection Program, which enabled businesses to secure loans during the turbulent time, Mascoma Bank used the power of Salesforce to get a year's worth of loan applications processed - in just 13 days.

Mascoma Bank was able to automate banking processes with Salesforce like application form submission and document requests to skyrocket efficiency. They also leveraged Salesforce Communities to allow businesses to digitally access their applications - and with the help of Mulesoft, they were able to connect their core banking platform to Financial Services Cloud for a seamless end-to-end loan application process.

Salesforce enables Mascoma Bank to be always-on for their customers.

How Insurance Companies Use Salesforce

Insurance companies are doing business with consumers that are more informed about their services than ever before. Attracting and keeping customers today requires using data intelligently to provide personalized experiences - and stay compliant with ever-growing regulations. Salesforce is here to help.

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Pacific Life Uses Data To Delight

Pacific Life has always been customer-centric: you can’t do business for 150+ years without focusing on the customer experience. But as the definition of “customer-first” has evolved in the digital age, they implemented Salesforce Financial Services cloud to ensure they use data to their - and their customers’ - advantage.

While employees have access to a 360 degree view of every customer, enabling them to tailor interactions and prioritize conversations, Tableau CRM works in the background to analyze that data further and recommend next-best-actions.

MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform allows them to connect multiple systems across their internal, partner, and vendor networks - allowing them to seamlessly distribute their insurance products through a range of digital platforms.

Amica Integrates Salesforce and Guidewire For Better Service

Data is a powerful tool for customer service - but to access that power, silos need to be broken down. Amica Mutual Insurance Company is accomplishing this by unifying Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Guidewire InsuranceSuite.

By integrating Guidewire ServiceRepEngage and Guidewire ProducerEngage with Financial Services Cloud, Amica is able to achieve higher first-call resolution rates and better customer satisfaction as a result of reps having access to all the data they need, all the time. The integrated platform also keeps service reps happy and productive, which translates into better customer interactions.

How Investment & Wealth Management Firms Use Salesforce

Investment and Wealth Management firms need to make the best possible decisions for their clients to ensure they meet their financial goals. Salesforce allows them to do this through one unified platform.

Morgan Stanley Makes Intelligent Decisions With Tableau

Analytics are part of any financial service firm’s DNA, which means that for Morgan Stanley, Salesforce is too.

Tableau helps Morgan Stanley visualize and make intelligent use of the abundant data available to them to personalize client experiences and make better decisions on their behalf. It also helps them grow their business by showing what services customers are responding to, and what they’re not.

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Since their representatives have relevant data visualized in front of them for every client meeting, better decisions are made across the board that benefit all parties involved.

Sequoia Financial Group Markets Smarter With Pardot

Salesforce can help financial service firms increase brand awareness and drive new business with more intelligent marketing. Sequoia Financial Group leverages Pardot, Salesforce’s marketing automation platform, to market smarter with personalization.

While their past marketing strategy revolved around impersonal email blasts, Pardot enables Sequoia Financial Group to plan specialized content around different client needs. Their diverse customer base includes everyone from young professionals to retirees, meaning the ability to personalize their marketing efforts is key to obtaining a positive ROI.

After a year of leveraging Pardot for financial services marketing, Sequoia Financial Group saw over $335,000 in savings and 361% ROI.

Salesforce For Financial Services: A Perfect Match

Since its humble beginnings in 1999, Salesforce has grown into a solution to business success in any industry. Because of its robust feature suite, focus on analytics, integration options, and world-class data security, it’s now used by thousands of financial institutions globally to manage sales, client relations, and business processes.

S-Docs: Secure Document Workflows for Financial Services

When it comes to financial document generation for Salesforce, S-Docs is here to help. As a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution, S-Docs is the trusted partner to thousands of financial service organizations including Ameriprise, AllState, and United Healthcare.

Our customers use S-Docs to automatically generate and distribute financial service documents like loan applications, insurance forms, reports, client agreements, and much more. Since S-Docs is native to Salesforce, our customers can rest assured that their data is in good hands: it never leaves the Salesforce cloud.

For more information on how S-Docs can help streamline your financial service document and e-signature needs, request a demo today or contact

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