Jump from Paperwork to Productivity with HR Automation Software

Working in human resources can be very rewarding. You have the opportunity to encourage employees’ growth and help them acquire new skills and promotions.

Yet many HR professionals feel they spend more time shuffling documents than actually managing their workforce. If you and your team are drowning under offer letters, employment contracts, benefits forms, and performance reports, it's time to make a leap from paperwork to productivity with HR automation software. 

What is HR Automation Software?

HR automation software refers to digital tools that streamline and simplify human resources tasks like managing personnel data, creating employee contracts, enrolling employees in benefits programs, processing payroll, and adhering to compliance regulations. 

Benefits of Using HR Document Automation Software

The ultimate goal of HR automation tools is to eliminate paperwork, smooth operations, enhance accuracy, and deliver higher levels of productivity so you can focus on what truly matters – your people. When your efforts are successful, your organization will see clear results.

Time Savings Through Streamlined Processes

With HR automation software, your team will be able to perform critical processes quicker than manually filling out Microsoft Word or Excel documents. This applies not only to singular tasks but also to the overall HR workflow due to the interconnectedness of various operations. For instance, something as simple as automating timesheet approval can have far-reaching impacts on payroll processing and eventually cost management.

Increased Accuracy and Reduced Errors

Mistakes in documentation can lead to serious consequences in human resources. HR automation tools eliminate the risk of errors by ensuring that data is stored in a singular location and integrated with other applications so the information at every touchpoint is consistently accurate and up-to-date. This not only enhances your HR department's credibility but also prevents costly mistakes that could arise from inaccuracies.

Improved Compliance with HR Regulations

Failure to adhere to legal requirements can result in fines, lawsuits, and damage to your organization's reputation. HR automation software keeps you in step with evolving regulations by ensuring that all HR processes adhere to the latest laws. This proactive approach safeguards your organization from potential legal pitfalls.

These benefits result in happy HR employees and a positive employee experience.

Key Documents HR Automation Software Can Simplify

HR automation software can simplify a wide range of human resources documents, making your life easier and more efficient.

Offer Letters

Crafting offer letters is time-consuming and requires you to double and triple-check the final draft (you don’t want to send out an offer letter with the wrong salary, right?). With HR automation tools, you can create offer letter templates that pull candidate-specific data from your database so no important details are missed. 

A new document can be generated effortlessly from a template, delivered to prospective employees promptly, and signed with a simple click, thanks to e-signature technology. This level of efficiency not only reduces administrative burdens but also leaves a lasting positive impression on new hires.

Employee Contracts

Document automation simplifies the often tedious process of signing contracts and onboarding new employees. Instead of manually entering data, emailing a pdf, and then waiting for a prospective employee to print, sign, scan, and return the document to you, you can spin up a contract template with the individual’s data auto-filled, and send it to them to easily sign right on their laptop, phone, or tablet.

Once the contract is received, you can automate the creation of all onboarding documents straight into their employee folder and jump into your onboarding checklist.

Payroll and Benefits

Processing payroll and benefits is an enormous responsibility. An HR workflow tool can significantly streamline this job by automatically generating payroll-related human resources documents, such as pay stubs, tax forms (e.g., W-2s, 1099s), and direct deposit authorizations. It also provides secure storage for generated documents so they are readily accessible when needed for audits, employee inquiries, or other purposes.

Performance Evaluation Forms

Imagine your employees could simply log into an HR portal, fill out a performance self-evaluation, and submit it to your team who then creates a report based on their input. Simple, right?

A defense agency needed this type of solution for over 500k users on the Salesforce platform — they decided on the S-Docs document automation platform. Department personnel can now log into the agency’s portal to access and sign human resources documents — like physical and employee evaluation forms — in minutes. These documents are automatically and securely stored in Salesforce or external repositories for easy retrieval and management.

Ramp Up HR Efficiency with S-Docs

HR automation software isn't just about reducing paperwork; it's about reimagining your processes and supporting a future where administrative burdens are minimal. By automating key human resources documents and processes, you can focus on what truly matters —- building a thriving, engaged workforce.

Ready to get your team on the court? Contact S-Docs for a demonstration of how document automation can make HR life a breeze.

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