Everyone wants to stand out at work (unless you’re a spy or secret agent, in which case blending in may be smarter).

Excelling usually means showing up and working hard, but a person can only do so much. That’s why we combine our human drive with the power of business tools like Salesforce.

While it’s a great customer relationship management tool on its own, your sales team is missing out if you aren’t customizing your CRM with solutions from the AppExchange. Salesforce’s solution marketplace is filled with sales apps to help your team crush its goals.

We reviewed dozens of apps based on features, functionality, and user ratings on the AppExchange and G2. Based on our findings, here are 10 AppExchange apps every sales team needs.

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Table Of Contents

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  1. S-Docs - Document Generation & E-Signature
  2. Groove - Email & Calendar Integration
  3. SMS Magic - Multi-Channel Messaging
  4. Squivr - Sales Playbooks & Org Charts
  5. Hoopla - Sales Incentivization
  6. Distribution Engine - Lead Assignment
  7. ZoomInfo - Sales Intelligence
  8. GeoPoint Mapping - Location Intelligence
  9. Duplicate Check - Deduplication
  10. Salesforce Adoption Dashboards - Productivity

#1: S-Docs

Documents are at the heart of any sales process. Customers need quotes and proposals to learn about your services, contracts and agreements to seal the deal, and invoices to pay you. Call us biased, but we’re starting with our own product because it’s just that useful.

S-Docs is a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution that’s purpose-built for Salesforce. It allows you to automatically create the documents we listed above and more - in one or fewer clicks. Sales reps who use S-Docs and S-Sign spend their days selling, while S-Docs allows them to create, track, e-sign, and store the documents they need in Salesforce.

The best part? It’s built on the Salesforce platform. That means that it generates documents fast, integrates into your team’s existing workflows, and never sends your data externally.

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What Users Think

“We've been using S-Docs for the past several months and I must say it's truly an amazing product! Our clients have had requirements ranging from simple templates to complex ones and S-Docs has been able to handle it all.”
- Navdeep S, Technical Account Manager

#2: Groove

Manual work is the bane of any sales rep’s existence. Nobody wants to spend hours every week logging emails, calls, and activities in Salesforce - it’s just not productive. That’s where Groove comes in.

Groove is a chrome extension that syncs your email, calendar, and dialing activity with Salesforce so that you can spend time nurturing relationships. You can access, edit, and create new Salesforce records right from your inbox, and associate emails and calls with custom fields. Groove’s reporting feature will paint a much more accurate picture, since no activity slips through the cracks.

What Users Think

“Groove has helped me tremendously in my day to day sales process! It is very easy to navigate and super user friendly.”
-Gabrielle G     

#3: SMS Magic

35-50% of sales go to vendors that respond first. The ability to be in front of your prospects when they want to talk is critical.

SMS Magic is a messaging solution that allows sales reps to reach prospects through text, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp - without ever leaving Salesforce. This app can be used for inbound conversations or to create targeted marketing campaigns that convert (after all, the average open rate for a text is 99%).

Whatever you’re using it for, SMS Magic will make sure your prospect gets the message on the right channel. It even has a built in compliance feature to make sure your communication aligns with your prospect’s data residency laws.

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What Users Think

“This texting solution provides our users with an easy interface, smooth Salesforce integration and a quality experience with our users. The SMS team is quick to respond to tasks and assistance when needed.”
-Stefen G, Salesforce Administrator         


#4: Squivr

To succeed in sales, you need to get the messaging right, have a positive attitude, and be curious about your prospect’s needs. But these things won’t work if you’re targeting the wrong person.

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Squivr is a native org chart and sales playbook tool for Salesforce that helps reps understand their prospects’ relationships to drive more sales. With a visual indicator of a prospect’s hierarchy, decision-making ability, and buying role, reps can strategically upsell and cross-sell into different teams much more efficiently.

Squivr org charts are interactive, filterable, and exportable, meaning any organization can fit them into their unique processes. You can also rate contacts by influence, relationship, power, and cadence to create even smarter interactions.

Finally, Squivr playbooks align sales and customer success methodologies to ensure your team sells with the tried-and-true cadences that work best for your business and drive the most revenue.

What Users Think

“Squivr's org-chart technology is extremely easy to implement and delivers immediate value. I have used this tool extensively in a variety of environments with great success. Any time that I'm stumped, the Squivr team has been quick to respond and a pleasure to work with to reach an ideal state."
-Peter T, Lead Solutions Engineer

#5: Hoopla

Sales reps are competitive by nature - everyone wants to be a top performer. But consistently motivating your team can be difficult.

Hoopla is a sales gamification app that leverages your team’s desire to compete and turns it into positive ROI. With sales leaderboards, win announcements through Slack or Teams, and races/contests, Hoopla helps create a culture of energy and performance.

What Users Think

“It's rare to find a solution that every role in a company enjoys using and finds value from. For us, Hoopla is one of those tools.”
-Jessica C, Revenue Operations Manager

#6: Distribution Engine

Leads are 9x more likely to convert if a sales rep follows up with them within five minutes. Sounds like a tall order - but with automated lead distribution, it doesn’t have to be.

Distribution Engine is exactly what its name implies. It allows you to automate your lead distribution process so that leads get to the right reps at the right time. Its configurable based on how your company does business.

You can apply round robin distribution for fairness, weighted distribution for reps with higher quotas, or loaded distribution so that reps stay topped up. Distribution engine also lets you control which reps get which leads based on your criteria.

What Users Think

“Distribution Engine is an extremely flexible and well-designed tool that our team wouldn't be able to function without. They're constantly coming out with new features that make our workflows even easier and allow us to optimize for the way we work.”
-Jaimie A, Operations

#7: ZoomInfo

Accelerating sales growth is top of mind for every sales team - and to grow faster, you need to target the contacts that are most likely to buy from you.

ZoomInfo, powered by DiscoverOrg, is a sales intelligence platform that provides contact data for sales and marketing teams.

ZoomInfo allows teams to identify buyers in their target market and reach key decision-makers faster. Connection rates are improved with verified phone numbers and email addresses, and conversation quality increases with insights about tech stacks, projects, and company attributes.

What Users Think

"ZoomInfo’s Salesforce App is best tool to use in our day to day life. The best part of the app is it directly update the information about the Contacts, Companies, Leads etc. in Salesforce which reduce our copy past work. I would definitely recommend this app to others."
-Samuel N, Data Analyst

#8: GeoPoint Mapping

As in-person meetings slowly trickle back into the norm, knowing where your prospects are located will be important.

GeoPoint Mapping gives sales teams location intelligence. It allows them to see where their prospects are and plan optimal routes and stops around their meetings. It also allows operations to set up and manage territories, analyze results by geography, and create geo-targeted campaigns and events.

What Users Think

“I would highly recommend Geopointe to others (even over Salesforce Maps!). The tool is easy to use, quick to set up, and if you ever get lost, their resource library likely has a how-to video on the topic.”
-Kseniya K, Senior Business Analyst

#9: Duplicate Check

Duplicate Salesforce records are annoying. Anyone can tell you that. But they can also hurt your business (you wouldn’t want to reach out to a lead that’s already a contact!).

Duplicate Check for Salesforce is a top-rated tool that lets you find, merge, and prevent duplicate records from clogging up your org - and hurting your sales team’s productivity. You can find cross-record duplicates, check for “fuzzy matches,” and analyze incoming records to stop duplicates before they happen.

What Users Think

“I've implemented DuplicateCheck in a handful of Orgs, all with incredible success. The interface is easy and intuitive - and provides an immense amount of control and oversight over the merges and auto-converts.”
-Ian S, Consultant

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#10: Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

A team of great sales reps using powerful AppExchange apps can produce some incredible results. But if your team isn’t making use of Salesforce like it should, your investment might not bring in the returns that you expected.

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards, developed by Salesforce Labs, allows you to track your reps’ productivity by monitoring their Salesforce adoption. You’ll be able to see which features they’re making use of, visualize login history and trends, and customize your dashboards to track activities that are important to your business.

What Users Think

“Great application, works amazingly when it comes to understanding the blind spots with regards to the Salesforce adoption in the organization.”
-Shilpa S, Salesforce Business Analyst

Start Using The AppExchange To Crush Your Sales Goals

The Salesforce AppExchange is filled with thousands of applications for almost any business need. Nobody has time to sort through all of them, so we hope this guide has helped you narrow down your search.

About S-Docs

S-Docs is a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution for Salesforce. We’ve been helping businesses digitize and automate their sales documents for over ten years. Developed by former Salesforce Technical Architects, we’re experts in leveraging the AppExchange to better your business.

Companies like Nestle, AT&T, and Unilever rely on the speed and security of our native solutions to get their sales documents created quickly, securely, and error-free.

To learn more about S-Docs, request a demo or contact sales@sdocs.com.

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