February '24 Generally Available Release

The February '24 generally available S-Docs and S-Sign Release brings a host of new features and improvements that aim to provide more efficient, secure, and customizable document workflows. As always, we are dedicated to catering to the evolving needs of our users.

Note: See considerations for this release

S-Docs Updates

Simplify Admissions and More With Education Cloud Support

Support was added for using S-Docs with standard objects in Education Cloud, providing document generation that meets the unique needs of the education sector. Educational institutions can now leverage S-Docs’ powerful features to create student-centric experiences that foster positive relationships and long-term success.

S-Sign Updates

Set Up S-Sign Faster Than Ever

S-Sign no longer requires the Salesforce Connected App framework. This change greatly streamlines the S-Sign onboarding experience, improves security, and increases the overall performance of S-Sign.

Sign Smoother and More Securely In Experience Cloud

Authenticated Experience Cloud users can now sign documents directly in Experience Cloud with S-Sign. The entire signing process takes place within the Experience Cloud environment, allowing you to deliver seamless and secure agreement execution within your online portals.

Streamline Multi-Document Signature Workflows

This release eliminates redundant interactions and disconnected signing experiences for agreement workflows that require signatures on multiple documents. Experience a more streamlined and efficient process for consent, user authentication, and signing across multiple documents.

Meet Compliance Requirements With Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure (ERSD) Support

Support was added for displaying the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure (ERSD) to signers on the S-Sign consent screen. This allows administrators to tailor S-Sign to meet GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements, and is available to configure in the S-Sign Custom Settings.

Set Custom Notification Email Templates with Template Names

Support was added for using template names to specify which custom notification, reminder, and expiration email templates should be used during the signing process for a particular S-Sign template, as an alternative to template IDs. This provides a more intuitive template building experience and improves the overall signer experience.

Release Considerations

Before upgrading to the February '24 S-Sign release, it is required to perform a patch upgrade if you are transitioning from the September '23, October '23, or November '23 versions listed below: