There’s no doubt about it: Salesforce CPQ is an exceptionally valuable sales tool.

But its three main functions - Configure, Price, and Quote - have a weaker link: quote generation. Sure, CPQ quoting is a huge step up if your current process looks something like this:

But if you’re looking to extensively customize and automate your quoting process, using Salesforce CPQ with a document generation app is your best bet. Document generators like S-Docs improve CPQ’s functionality in two important ways:

  1. They produce more robust, data-driven quotes/proposals/invoices
  2. They allow you to automate and scale your entire quoting/invoicing process

Let’s take a look at what CPQ quote templates can do before exploring how Salesforce document generators take the Q process to the next level.

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Salesforce CPQ Templates: The Good

CPQ templates are easy to build. All you have to do is choose from a list of preset content types and order them how you want them displayed in your quote.

For example, the appropriately named Line Item content type displays a line items table. The HTML content type lets you insert rich text and field data. The Custom content type even lets you insert Visualforce pages.

All in all, Salesforce CPQ templates are a good way to create accurate baseline quotes.

Salesforce CPQ Templates: The Bad

While useful, CPQ templates don’t provide a whole lot of flexibility. You can only use the preset content types to build your quote, and each one comes with its own limitations. For example, the HTML content type only lets you insert field data from CPQ objects, unless you create a formula field.

Visualforce content grants more room for creativity, but it requires writing Visualforce markup and an Apex controller - quite an endeavor for a simple quote.

The Solution: Salesforce Document Generation Apps

Salesforce document generation apps leverage the strongest part of Salesforce CPQ - its guided approach to configuring complex deals - and take over where it lags behind - merging that data into sophisticated documents.

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Better Customization

Document generators allow you to create documents that fit your business requirements - not the other way around. That means you can pull in data from anywhere in Salesforce and format it according to your needs, including:

✅Merge data from all standard and custom objects
✅Dynamically include/exclude any content based on your business rules
✅Edit document styling from top to bottom
✅Output quotes in your chosen file format

S-Docs lets you deliver professional, on-brand documents that create positive first impressions with your future customers.

More Powerful Quotes

Document generation apps are a good choice for businesses that routinely create large quotes with hundreds - or even thousands - of line items. They’re built to handle the most complex documents more efficiently, lowering the chance of running into governor limits and keeping your sales process moving.

Check out this overview for more information about the power of S-Docs with Salesforce CPQ and other components of Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

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Automated Processes

Scaling effectively requires automating wherever possible, and quoting is no exception. Document generation apps can work with CPQ to generate and email quotes in the background, allowing the sales team to focus on selling.

Integrated Workflows

Quotes are important sales tools, but so are contracts, invoices, and eventual customer communications. Prospects expect a consistent experience across all of these touchpoints, so the most effective sales machines use solutions that fit into larger business workflows.

Salesforce document automation apps drive consistency by delivering pixel-perfect documents through every funnel stage, not just the quoting process. Using one solution for multiple use cases creates better experiences for employees and customers.


Speaking of integrated workflows: signatures tie the final bow atop a variety of sales documents, so it’s important that your e-signature tool works well with Salesforce CPQ.

Document generation solutions like S-Docs offer proprietary e-signature solutions that are automatically integrated into the documents they help create. From prospect to customer, document generation apps accelerate the sales cycle and get deals to Closed-Won faster.

Summing It Up

Salesforce CPQ is a fantastic solution to quickly & accurately moving complex deals forward. Salesforce document generators amplify CPQ’s value by delivering powerful documents at any stage of the sales process, and allow you to automate & scale for the future.

S-Docs: Native Document Generation & E-Signature for Salesforce CPQ

Ready to power up your Salesforce CPQ quoting workflows? S-Docs can help you get it done faster, more seamlessly, and more securely.

As the only 100% native document generation and e-signature solution for Salesforce, S-Docs is purpose-built for the platform you rely on every day.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to find out how we can help take your sales process to the next level.

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