Native Salesforce applications are third-party tools built on the Lightning Platform (formerly known as Choosing native apps to enhance your Salesforce org can significantly reduce your company’s IT compliance burden. How so? Let’s take a closer look.

Compliance Is Up To You

Whether you have a Chief Compliance Officer or a single Salesforce Administrator, it’s your job to meet the digital security regulations that apply to your business.

This is a tall order - noncompliance can lead to stiff fines, damage to your company image, and even getting shut down. What’s more, ensuring IT infrastructure compliance is only getting harder, as regulations tighten and grow each year.

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...But You’re Already Paying For Compliance

The good news is that your Salesforce licenses have compliance baked into them. As the world’s #1 CRM by market share, Salesforce has the resources to develop a product that meets even the strictest cloud computing regulations.

As a business with hundreds of customers in heavily regulated industries such as government and healthcare, it also has the incentive to make sure its products are compliant.

The result is a CRM that puts IT compliance at the forefront of its priorities.

Check out this webpage for yourself here. Now - where do native apps come in?

Native Apps Inherit Compliance From Salesforce

100% native Salesforce apps have the same IT compliance benefits that are baked into Salesforce - plain and simple. The dollars that you put toward Salesforce pay for the same infrastructure that protects all native apps.

With non-native apps, your data is constantly changing hands.

Non-native Salesforce applications can be useful, but it’s up to them to design and maintain their own security and compliance infrastructure - meaning it’s up to you to judge whether or not it’s good enough for your organization. You’ve already done that for Salesforce, meaning you’ve already done that for native apps.

Because of this, evaluating, implementing, and maintaining a native app is a much smoother process for compliance teams. 

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As regulations change and grow, Salesforce invests in keeping their platform up to date every year. Like we said before, they have the resources and incentive to do so. Native apps are better positioned to keep you compliant now - and as you scale and grow in the future.

Native Apps Are Great For Corporate Compliance, Too

Regulatory compliance is vital, but it’s also important to make sure your employees follow internal policies. Salesforce allows you to set up permission sets and sharing rules to protect internal data access. 

Native apps respect these permissions out of the box. And since they’re built using the same tools as any of your own customizations (custom objects, Visualforce, and Apex), it’s much easier to control access to the custom components that come with them.

Salesforce Compliance Is A Breeze With Native Apps

One of the main native Salesforce app benefits is compliance. Salesforce was designed to put an end to disparate systems, aiming to become a single source of truth. Don’t fight against this model by adding apps that complicate compliance.

Choose native Salesforce apps to get the features you need to improve your business, purpose-built for the platform you rely on every day.

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