It's always important to ensure that you are getting the most out of yourself, your team, and your Salesforce org!

Optimizing productivity is essential in creating the best results for your company. While Salesforce in itself is a great platform for the productive worker, combining Salesforce with applications found on the AppExchange can improve your org tenfold.

After researching and reviewing a multitude of Salesforce AppExchange applications specifically designed to increase productivity, we have found that on the merits of features, functionality, and customer reviews, these are five of the best Salesforce productivity apps that every business should have.

Table of Contents

  1. RingLead Field Trip - Data Management and Organization
  2. S-Docs - Document Generation and E-Signature
  3. anyGoal - Performance and Productivity Tracking
  4. Calendar Anything - Project Management and Organization
  5. Cirrus Insight - Email Integration and Management

1. RingLead Field Trip

We all know that in order to have a productive business you need to have an organized one. With the amount of data that you can input into Salesforce, it can often become confusing to read and manage. That is where Field Trip comes into play!

Field Trip will help you analyze the fields of any object in your Salesforce org, allowing you to see what percentage of your records (or a subset) have that specific field populated. Clustered or unused fields create havoc within your Salesforce org; with the help of Field Trip you will be able to achieve that cluster-free page layout we all dream of.

Top Features

  • Run reports on the overall health of your Salesforce data to see which fields can be removed and/or improved
  • Receive a RingLead Data Quality Score that is composed of the fill rate and weight of your object's fields
  • Analyze the fields of any and all objects within your Salesforce Org

Price: Free

What Users Think:

“Easy, intuitive app - a very useful tool for both simple and complex data cleanup projects.”
- Alecia S., Data & Business Systems Analyst at Marketron Broadcast Solutions

2. S-Docs

With the world turning digital after this past year's pandemic, electronic documentation and electronic signature solutions have never been more important to running a successful, productive business. That is why we think you should check out S-Docs!

With S-Docs, you will get a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution that will allow you to seamlessly and safely automate your document workflows in Salesforce. You will be able to generate and e-sign quotes, invoices, proposals, and many other documents in just one click- all right in your Salesforce org.

Top Features:

  • S-Docs is the only 100% native document generation solution for Salesforce on the market. No third party sites. No add ons. No extra downloads. Your data stays completely within the Salesforce Cloud.
  • Create emails, reports, claim forms, welcome letters, form letters, and many more documents in one click, with data merged from anywhere in Salesforce.
  • An easy-to-use template editor that is created for non-programmers to help you design your own beautiful and professional documents.

Price: Free

What Users Think:

“The fact that it is built native on the Salesforce platform is one huge benefit. The features are very robust (Flow, customizable button URLs, related lists in templates, live document edits) and continue to expand as new updates are released.”
-David H. Salesforce Administrator at Semler Scientific

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3. anyGoal

Productivity relies heavily on having people within your business set and achieve their goals. Without having a clear end result defined and desired, employees can become complacent and important tasks can fall by the wayside. An easy solution to this problem is anyGoal!

By giving you the ability to create individual goal targets for any data point or source, anyGoal will allow you to track and measure the performance on anything in your organization. anyGoal also allows you to provide real-time performance results via leaderboards, stack rankings, and contests to help drive productivity to the max!

Top Features:

  • Align your entire organization around key performance indicators.
  • Publish real-time goal performance leaderboards to create friendly competition and boost productivity.
  • Use anyGoal Lightning components to help engage and motivate your team in seconds.

Price: $12 USD per user per month

What Users Think:

“We installed anyGoal about 1 1/2 months ago and it has been the perfect solution for assigning and tracking goals. This app offers flexibility on many levels and the support has been awesome at guiding us through complex and unique situations.”
- Robin T. Sales Operations Manager at Symphony MediaAI

4. CalendarAnything

One of every company's biggest assets is the business calendar. Planning down to the minute when deadlines are due and meetings are taking place helps people stay on top of their tasks and improves productivity! Now introducing the number one calendar application for Salesforce: CalendarAnything!

CalendarAnything is more than just an ordinary calendar as it allows you to schedule and manage various aspects of your business; the most common of which being marketing campaigns, resource allocation, project management, and event management. On top of all that, you can move the data and records from your Salesforce org right into the calendar to properly share and schedule with the correct people.

Top Features:

  • A color coding and drag and drop system to organize and enhance project, task, and resource management.
  • The ability to share internally or externally by embedding dynamic Salesforce calendars on records or websites,
  • Create, edit, and move records in Salesforce right from the calendar in Day, Week, Month, Gantt, Agenda, Swimlane or Custom views.

Price: $12.50 USD per user per month

What Users Think:

"We use Calendar Anything as a resource capacity planning tool, as well as production and fleet delivery scheduling. This gives our entire company visibility in order to allocate resources (labor and assets) accordingly. We have used Calendar Anything for over 6 years and have continued to develop new ways to use it.” - Shannon J. CFO at MM Solutions

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5. Cirrus Insight

According to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. It is obvious that emailing is a HUGE aspect of every business in today’s world, so it is no surprise that we include an email integration app on this list. Having a seamless and clean Salesforce email integration can save you a ton of time and drive productivity like no other. That is where Cirrus Insight comes in!

Cirrus Insight perfectly integrates Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, iOS, and Android with Salesforce making your life easier both at home and on the go. With this capability, you will be able to modify the data and access all of your custom fields in Salesforce directly from your inbox.

Top Features:

  • Sync emails and calendar events to Salesforce and be able to track the customer intelligence gained from them.
  • Create/update leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and custom records on any standard or custom Salesforce object from inside your inbox.
  • With the My Lists feature see your reminder tasks, opportunities, cases, contacts, leads, and campaigns.

Price: $27 USD per user per month

What Users Think:

“Using Cirrus and Salesforce has been very productive and helpful at work. Now all my emails and communications are stored and documented in one place not needing to do extra manual work.”- Jorge P. Digital Strategist at White Shark Media

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