Update: Refer to this documentation for the DOCX feature. The below solution is relevant for non-DOCX formatted documents.

Using The "Paste From Word" Button

The source code of S-Docs templates is written in HTML, but Microsoft Word documents are not saved as HTML. Does that mean we have to re-create all of our existing Word templates from scratch in the S-Docs template editor? Nope! You can still import existing Word templates into S-Docs by leveraging the Paste From Word button in the S-Docs template editor.

The process is simple:

    1. Open your existing template in Microsoft Word.
    2. Select everything in your document in Microsoft Word (Ctrl+A) and copy the contents to your clipboard (Ctrl+C).
    3. In your S-Docs template, click the Paste from Word button.

4. Paste the contents of your clipboard into the dialog box that appears.

5. Click Save in the S-Docs template editor to save your new template.

At this point, you will need to place merged fields, related lists, etc. in the appropriate locations of your new S-Docs template.