Founded in 2010, ME2 Systems LLC is privately held and incorporated in New York State. The team is led by a former Director and Technical Architect from Salesforce and is comprised of experts in Salesforce and document solutions.

From the outset, it was apparent that a product gap existed in the Salesforce offering when it came to document generation. At that time, the only choice Salesforce customers had was to integrate external solutions that were cumbersome and expensive. With the aim of delivering a seamless user experience that truly leveraged the Salesforce platform, S-Docs was born. It is the ONLY 100% native solution built from the ground up for Salesforce on Salesforce.

Native means that S-Docs does not host external servers and therefore does not carry the same infrastructure costs as our competitors. S-Docs leverages the world-class force.com platform that is already paid for with your existing Salesforce user licenses. So, not only is S-Docs faster, more secure, more feature-rich and easier to administer, but it's also significantly more cost effective. You should not pay twice for infrastructure, especially when force.com is already the platform leader. While other solutions claim that you "never leave Salesforce", scratch beneath the surface and you will see that is simply not the case. This is the S-Docs difference, and this is why we have experienced such significant growth with companies turning to S-Docs as the smarter choice.

We are also committed to remaining the market leader in terms of features and integration capabilities. Customers rely on S-Docs to satisfy their most complex document requirements. We've introduced powerful features to the marketplace and always make them available without any added cost. Unlike our competitors, we don't charge extra for workflow, batch, 3rd party integrations or API usage.

S-Docs is now used by thousands of global subscribers from all industries with a multitude of use cases, but they all share one key theme: The need for a powerful yet easy-to-use native solution. We are proud that they have made us the #1 native document generator and put us in the top 1% of all apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

More about S-Docs


Incredibly powerful - remarkably simple. One button document creation. Open your record, choose your document template and click generate - it's that simple. Documents are immediately created and automatically added.


Intelligent document storage allows you to report on document content. Flexible format options includes output to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, XML or HTML Emails. Supports a large template library that can be searched.


100% Native Force.com. No third-party web services, no plug-ins, no active-x controls, and no flash files. There are no client downloads or installs. S-Docs Leverages HTML5 (so it even works on the ipad).