If you find yourself in need of editing a document after it’s been generated, no worries! S-Docs has your back. For a full article on generating and emailing documents, click here.

When creating your S-Docs template, make sure to click the Allow Edit checkbox so you can modify your document in the future.

In this example, we’re going to generate a document for the contact Mr. Tim Barr. The process is the same as any other document generation. We’re going to select the “Acquisition Opportunity” document and then click Next Step.

You have the option to either email the selected document or to go back to the contact's profile. Either way, you can edit your document with the pencil button before you click Emailed Selected Docs, or on the page of your contact in the S-Docs related list. If you edit your document here prior to sending an email, the email will send the edited version. In this example, we're going to click <<Back, which will take us to Mr. Tim Barr’s Contact profile.

Now, under the S-Docs related list, we see our “Acquisition Opportunity” document. Click the pencil under the Edit column to edit the document that has just been created.

Clicking this pencil opens an editor for that document, allowing you to make any changes, all of which will be saved to S-Docs upon clicking Save.

Note that even though our document was generated as a PDF—a document that cannot normally be edited—S-Docs provides the power to allow editing at this step, nonetheless.