Permission Sets


S-Docs provides permission sets to assign to your admins and users out of the box to ensure they have access to the necessary S-Docs objects.

S-Docs Permission Sets

S-Docs comes with three permission sets: S-Docs User, S-Docs Administrator, and S-Docs Jobs (Guest User).

Permission Set Assign To
S-Docs User Users whose primary role involves only generating, viewing, emailing, or storing documents. Users can view S-Docs templates, but not modify them.
S-Docs Administrator Users whose primary role involves building templates or customizing S-Docs. Users have read, create, edit, and delete access on all S-Docs objects.
S-Docs Jobs (Guest Users) Guest Users that need to insert S-Docs Jobs.

S-Sign Permission Sets

Click here to view S-Sign permission sets.

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