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The S-Docs Custom Settings is a List Custom Settings record that can be used to modify S-Docs's functionality. This article explains how to locate the S-Docs Custom Settings and each field's functionality.

Note: This article is intended to be used as a reference guide. In general, avoid editing the S-Docs custom settings record unless directed by another article.

Locate S-Docs Custom Settings

From the Setup menu, type "Custom Settings" into the Quick Find bar, then click Custom Settings in the dropdown menu. Then, locate the SDocsSettings record and click Manage.

If no record exists, click New. Otherwise, click Edit to open and modify the S-Docs Custom Settings record.

S-Docs Custom Settings Fields

The S-Docs Custom Settings appears as follows. Refer to the table below the image for each field's functionality and accepted values.



Field Function Values
1. Name Record Name SDocsSettings

Note: Do not change the name of this record!
2. ConnectedAppCertificateName Passes the name of your Self-Signed Certificate to S-Docs for use with your S-Docs Connected App Name of the Self-Signed Certificate used with your S-Docs Connected App (used with S-Sign e-signatures)

Normally this certificate is named "SDocsCert"

3. ConnectedAppConsumerKey Passes your S-Docs Connected App Consumer Key to S-Docs S-Docs Connected App Consumer Key
4. ConnectedAppLoginURL Passes your Salesforce login URL to S-Docs for use with your S-Docs Connected App Your Salesforce Login URL

Production: https://login.salesforce.com

Sandbox: https://test.salesforce.com

5. ConnectedAppTokenURL Passes your Salesforce domain to S-Docs for use with your S-Docs Connected App Your Salesforce domain

E.g. https://na123.salesforce.com

6. ConnectedAppUserName Passes the name of your S-Sign Internal User to S-Docs for use with S-Sign Username of your S-Sign Internal User (used with S-Sign e-signatures)
7. Platform Encryption Enabled Allows S-Docs to work with Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption Checked to enable
8. SDEdit Custom URL Adds a custom button to the S-Docs Live Edit page Syntax:



Open Clip Art Gallery,/apex/ClipArtGallery

Note: You can add Live Edit Apex Parameters to this URL to modify the button's color/functionality.
9. SDRelationship Lookup Names Allows you to create SDoc Relationship lookup fields to custom objects with API names that exceed the Field Label/Name character limit.


Enter an alias object API name into the Field Label/Name fields for your SDRelationship lookup field, then map it to the full custom object API name using a JSON map in this field, as shown in the example.

JSON map of key-value pairs.


"Very_Long_Object_API_Name__c": "Alias_Put_In_SDRelationship_Field_Label__c",
"Another_Very_Long_Object_API_Name__c": "Another_Alias_Put_In_SDRelationship_Field_Label__c"

Note: Do not insert the "__c" of your alias in the SDoc Relationship Field Label or Field Name; Salesforce adds this automatically.
10. SDJobs Batch Size Sets the number of S-Docs Jobs to process concurrently Number of Jobs

Note: 45 is recommended
11. SD Jobs Fail If Template Error Causes S-Docs Jobs to fail if template-level errors occur (when the document generates successfully, but errors are present within the generated document) Checked to enable
12. SD Jobs Move to Top of Flex Queue  Moves all S-Docs Jobs to the top of the queue above all other asynchronous jobs (Batch jobs, future callouts, etc.) Checked to enable

Note: Checked is recommended
13. Salesforce Home URL Modifies the template editor Insert Image button to add your base Salesforce URL to image URL paths. By default, only the relative URL path is used Your Salesforce domain

E.g. https://na123.salesforce.com

14. Process Job Splitters Concurrently Processes all queueable S-Docs Job Splitters concurrently

Note: This setting does not apply to DOC-NEW templates.
Checked to enable
15. Concurrent Master Wait Time Sets the number of seconds between attempts to create files for S-Doc Jobs Number of seconds

Note: The Concurrent Master Wait Time is 3 seconds by default
16. Send SDJobs Email as Future Causes any emails sent through S-Docs Jobs to be sent through a future method (allowing generated documents to be attached to the email record) Checked to enable
17. Disable SDJob Get Content For Data Deprecated Setting N/A
18. Don't Run SDTemplate Trigger Prevents SDTemplate Trigger function (sets template encode values, etc.) from running when inserting/updating templates.

By default, this function is always run when templates are created or updated.

 Checked to enable
19. SDTemplateEditor Page Size Modifies the number of fields displayed at once in the template editor Insert Field, Insert Related List, and Insert Conditional Logic menus

Next and Prev buttons will appear below the field menus to switch between fields

Number of fields to display
20. Enable Create Salesforce Task Feature Adds Create Salesforce Task tab to the S-Docs Template Editor, which allows you to configure S-Docs to create a Salesforce task when a document is generated Checked to enable
21. Allow Templates With Error to Generate Allows documents with template-level errors to generate (e.g. invalid formatting, nonexistent components, etc.)


By default, S-Docs will stop document generation if template-level errors are detected

Checked to enable
22. ConnectedAppAudienceURL
Note: This field should only be populated if you are using Salesforce Government Cloud.

Passes your Salesforce login URL to S-Docs for use with your S-Docs Connected App in Salesforce Government Cloud

Your Salesforce Login URL

Production: https://login.salesforce.com

Sandbox: https://test.salesforce.com

23. Use Legacy AWS S3 Spaces Causes S-Docs to encode spaces in file names of documents uploaded to Amazon S3 with real spaces (legacy method).


By default, spaces are replaced with "+"

Checked to enable
24. Stabilize URLs Checked Fixes broken images in Insert Image tool and allows DOC/DOC-NEW templates with Embed Images checked to generate.


This setting is only required for orgs with stabilized URLs for Visualforce, Experience Builder, Site.com Studio, and Content Files enabled.

Note: Stabilized URLs are automatically enabled in all new or refreshed Sandboxes, and will be enabled for all orgs in the Summer ‘22 release. View this Salesforce Help article for more information.
Checked to enable
25. Disable Contact Record Queries For Email Disables queries S-Docs runs on the Contact object by default when the S-Docs Email page is loaded Checked to enable
26. Use File Id For AWS Folders Automatically includes the ContentDocument, ContentVersion, and/or Attachment IDs of the generated document in the folder file path for documents uploaded to Amazon S3 folders Checked to enable

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