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DOC templates allow you to merge simple to complex data from Salesforce into Microsoft Word DOC documents. They are built with the S-Docs Template Editor in Salesforce.

You can also build S-Docs templates in Microsoft Word and upload them to Salesforce for generation as DOCX documents. To learn about DOCX templates, click here.

<If you require using next-page section breaks (such as varied page orientation throughout the document), use the DOC-New template format.

Main Advantages

DOC templates support simple to advanced data mergingconditional logic, configurable runtime prompts, and more. After generation, you can also leverage the full functionality of Microsoft Word to make further edits.

DOC templates also support a wide variety of fonts that aren't available for PDF templates.

Supported Features

Feature Supported?
Merge Fields
Related Lists
Conditional Logic
Live Edit
Runtime Prompts
HTML/CSS Source Editing
Named Queries
Template Header & Footer
Insert Component Templates
Mass Merge (Batch Generation)
Collect e-signatures with S-Sign

Recommended For

DOC templates are recommended for standard to complex documents that need to be output as Microsoft Word files. DOC templates are also recommended for documents that require extensive editing after generation.

Main Limitations

While DOC templates are well-suited for many requirements, consider the following limitations.

  • Blank pages may appear at the end of your document in rare situations

Special Requirements

DOC templates have the following special requirements:

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