Request Signatures for Previously Generated Documents


You can request e-signatures for any previously generated S-Sign-enabled S-Docs PDF. This feature is useful for documents that need edits before or during the signature process, because it does not require re-generating the PDF for signature.


With this feature set up, users can navigate to the S-Doc record for any previously generated PDF and click the Send For Signature button.

From there, users can select an S-Sign email template and click Next Step to proceed with the s-sign request process like normal.

The previously generated S-Doc PDF will be included in the request, and any edits made to the document since it was first generated will be preserved.


To set this feature up, you must create a new button for the SDoc Object and add it to the page layout.

Create A New Button for the S-Doc Object

From the setup menu, navigate to the Object Manager and find the SDoc object.

Navigate to the Buttons, Links, and Actions tab and click New Button or Link.

Enter the following values for your button.

Label: Send For Signature (or your own value)
Name: This value will auto-populate
Display Type: Detail Page Button
Behavior: Display in existing window without sidebar or header
Content Source: URL
Button URL:

{!URLFOR('/apex/SDOC__SDCreate1', null, [id=SDOC__SDoc__c.SDOC__ObjectID__c, Object=SDOC__SDoc__c.SDOC__ObjectType__c,showSSignInPerson='true',preinsertedDocs=SDOC__SDoc__c.Id])}

Click Save.

Add Your Button to the SDoc Page Layout

Next, navigate to the Page Layouts tab. Click the dropdown arrow on the right of the SDoc page layout and click Edit.

In the layout editor, [1] navigate to the Mobile & Lightning Actions tab, [2] find the Send For Signature button that you just created, [3] and drag it into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section of the SDoc page layout.

Click Save.


Let's take a look at this feature in action.

This user decides the contract they generated will require edits at a later time, so they navigate away from the View Documents page instead of sending the contract for e-signature immediately.

Later, the user navigates to their base record and clicks the pencil icon next to the generated contract in the S-Docs related list.

The user edits the contract using the Live Edit feature, then clicks Save to save the document.

When the user is ready to send the contract for e-signature, they navigate to its S-Doc record by first clicking the S-Doc Relationship Number in the S-Docs related list:

And then clicking the link to the S-Doc record in the S-Doc Relationship record's SDoc field.

From there, the user clicks the Send for Signature button on the S-Doc record.

After that, they choose their S-Sign email template and send their edited document for signature like normal.

That's all there is to it. In the future, if a request is declined by a signer or voided for any reason, the document can be edited and resent without requiring re-generating the PDF.

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