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Component templates are S-Docs templates that are merged into other templates; they are not designed to be standalone documents and cannot be generated by themselves. They are typically built with the S-Docs Template Editor in Salesforce, but they can also be built in Microsoft Word (for use within DOCX templates) or as PDF-Upload templates (for use within PDF templates).

Learn about creating component templates by clicking here.

Main Advantages

Component templates are efficient because they allow you to create an element once (such as a terms and conditions clause) and reference it across an unlimited number of documents. Building standard document elements as components allows you to reference those elements with just a few clicks, instead of copying and pasting them every time they're needed.

If you ever need to make edits to your components, you only need to edit one template and see those edits reflected across all of your other templates.

Components also allow for a simpler template building experience, since their entire contents are referenced with a single merge field, as opposed to taking up their full real estate in the template editor.

Components can additionally be used across multiple different template formats. They can also be used to create custom-formatted query data that would otherwise show up as a table or comma-delimited list.

Supported Features

Feature Supported?
Merge Fields
Related Lists
Conditional Logic
Live Edit
Runtime Prompts
HTML/CSS Source Editing
Named Queries
Template Header & Footer
Insert Component Templates
Mass Merge (Batch Generation)
Collect e-signatures with S-Sign

Recommended For

Component templates are recommended for standard document elements that need to be included in multiple different documents, like terms and conditions or other company policies.

They're also recommended for complex templates with large data merging requirements; separating document sections as components allows for an easier template building experience.

Main Limitations

Consider the following Component template limitations.

  • You may need to edit the placement of the component in the parent template to ensure its content is merged in the correct area

Special Requirements

Some component types have special requirements; please view Create Component Templates for more information about special component types.

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